How to Solve the Common iPad Mini Problems

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The iPad mini is a fantastic tablet as it’s very convenient to carry and use. However, no matter which popular tablets or phablets you have, there are always some complaints and issues come up. If your iPad mini screen cracked or shattered and the devices are out of warranty, you can try to DIY fix it according to our tutorial of How to Repair Damaged iPad Mini Screen, and the 100% OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) iPad Mini Replacement screen and special tools can be found on our online store.

In this guide, we will explore some most common complaints on iPad Mini and provide you with the best possible solutions we've come across. So let's get started:


Problem: iPad Mini Display’s Quality

The most common complaint from our readers on the iPad Mini is the quality of the iPad Mini’s display. It doesn’t run Apple’s famous Retina display and the pixel density is a bit of a step back for the series models. It still features 1024×768 pixel display which is as same as the iPad 2, and it feels easier because it sports a smaller screen, but keen eyes will see pixels.

Solution: There’s no solution for this other than purchasing the next iPad Mini 2, which offers a significantly improved 800 x 1280 pixels resolution. If you’re concerned then check it out before you buy.


Problem: iPad Mini Auto-brightness Stop Work

Lots of users in the phone forums have reported issues with auto-brightness on the iPad Mini. This has also appeared as an infrequent issue for the iPhone and larger iPad. If you go to a room with bright light, the screen brightness should increase automatically immediately. If you go to a dark place, it should decrease in brightness slowly. To begin with head into to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and make sure auto-brightness is on.

Possible solutions:

1. Turn auto-brightness off. Press and hold the Power button and the Home button until you see the Apple logo. Restart auto-brightness again.

2. Try setting auto-brightness to your desired area in a low-lit area when you first turn it on by dragging it to the right level of brightness. You will find it now brightens when you head into the well-lit position, but returns to the lower level when you go back into a darker place.


Problem: Encountering Slowdown, Freezing, or Random Restarts

There are some causes for this problem, but in most cases you can resolve it by making a reset. Just hold down the Power button and the Home button at the same time for about 10 seconds. You’ll find it worked when the Apple logo appears. There’s also a possible that the issue is being caused by a problem app, or a lack of system memory. Restarting will clear out the offending app and wipe the active RAM.

Possible solutions:

1.  Head into Settings > General > Usage to try and identify the problem. You can then uninstall any app that is causing problems.

2. You can also tap the Home button twice and then hit and hold an icon until they start to shake. The minus sign will stop active apps. When it is accomplished just hit the Home button twice again. You can also use three fingers to pull this menu up or down from the bottom of the display.

3. If the problem keeps returning and you can identify a specific app that looks to be hogging system resources, just prohibit it.


Problem: iPad Mini Microphone is not working

Some users have revealed that their iPad Mini microphone isn’t working properly when they make FaceTime calls, or use Skype. Firstly, you need to do is try a couple of different services to find out it isn’t app related. Ensuring your cover or case isn’t covering the microphone, there are a couple of other fixs worth trying. It’s probably worth trying with the standard reset – hold down the Power and Home buttons at a time for 10 seconds.

Possible solutions:

1. Your iPad Mini microphone might just be blocked. Maybe the dust got in there. Try using a vacuum cleaner or some compressed air to unblock it.

2. If that doesn’t work, your best bet is to take it into an Apple Store. If there’s a fault then you can get a replacement.


Problem: iPad Mini Headphones are not working

Some people have complained that the iPad Mini became silent if they plug headphones into the device. Making sure that you are getting sound through the speakers correctly, but it doesn’t work with the headphones, there are a couple of things to try. You should go to Settings > Sounds and ensure your volume is at a reasonable level first.

Possible solutions:

Holding down the Power button and the Home button together until the Apple logo appears, which should take about 10 seconds, can solve the problem.


Other Solutions to iPad Mini problems

If you’re suffering with more iPad Mini Wi-Fi problems, feel free to post your questions and other issues that you have found. Please do also tell us solutions whenever you discover them.

  1. BY Bill

    Trying to set up my new mini and it won’t allow me to move off of the upgrade to icloud drive.

  2. BY Martin C

    Same problem here too iPad mini ghost commands has IOS 8.0.2
    any fix or idea what’s happening?

  3. BY Sally Toll

    My ipad mini seems to have a mind of its own! After a short while it opens and closes programmes independently and the screen becomes unresponsive. Sometimes this is unusable other times it is ok for a while. I have uninstalled all my added apps. I have reset it by holding down the home and on/off button until the apple logo appears but this seems to make it worse!
    Any suggestions and ideas please as my ipad is vitually unusable 🙁

  4. BY Liz Grennan

    My sons new ipad mini , although working, has gone black for one half of the screen. Any quick remedies please?

  5. BY margery kraus

    Since fixing the screen, the mini operates on its own and does not always follow commands. Instead it operates on its own. Is there a way to reset or see if this can be avoided.

    • BY Karla

      Hi margery kraus.. I am also encountering that kind of problem in my ipad mini.. It keeps on operating itself without commanding it.. Have you fixed it already? What dis u do? Thanks a lot

  6. BY jesse cardinal

    Hello my name is Jesse and i have a cell phone repair shop. i have been working on a i pad mini which i work on a lot of them. well with this one the LCD is very dim to the point were i doesn’t even look like its start from the beginning the device came in because of a cracked screen.i replaced the glass with the i chip and all was fine well the device came back in because it would not power on . well it was on but very very dim. so i trouble shot all the possibilities and came to the conclusion that the LCD was bad so i ordered a new one and installed. i am having the same issue with the new LCD it is very dim to were i can hardly tell it is powered on. can someone please help?

  7. BY Ashok Gangopadhyay

    I Purchase my iPad mini 16GB BLACK AT&Ton 7/4/13,IMEI NO-013360002814468.presently I am encounter a problem with the iPad.After switch on one display showing on desktop”iCloud Backup-This iPad has’nt been backed up in 31 weeks.Bckups happen when this iPad is plugged in,locked and connected to Wi-Fi.”.PrESENTLY IT IS BLOCKED AND I could not able to use my iPad.Please advise how to solve this problem.


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