How to Fix Motorola Moto G Problems

Motorola Moto G runs Android OS, V4.3 Jelly Bean on November, 2013. Every phone has bugs or issues, and the Moto G is no exception. Here we sum up the common Moto G issues ranging from LED notification, Wi-Fi problems, poor Audio issues, rattling noise issue to losing connection problem after the Android 4.4.2 update. We also provide the solutions to solve common Motorola Moto G problems.


1. Motorola Moto G LED Notification Issues

Quite a lot of people experienced the Moto G notification LED bug. They said their notification light fail to turn on when they have incoming texts, emails or phone calls. The Moto G LED notification problem may be caused by restoring settings from a Google account, which can disable the LED.

Troubleshooting: How to Fix Moto G LED Notification Problems

You can use the Notification Light Widget announced by Motorola to make the LED work. Stick the widget on your Moto G home screen, then activate the LED again. When the LED notification performs normally, you can delete the widget.

2. Motorola Moto G Wi-Fi Issues

Motorola Moto G users also meet the Wi-Fi problems when they try to connect to different routers. Some people reported they can’t connect the network at all, even at the situation that they get closer to the router. Some are annoying about the WiFi dropping problems. Worse still, some Moto G owners found a rapid battery drain when changing between routers.

Troubleshooting: How to Fix Moto G Wi-Fi Problems

The solutions to Wi-Fi issues vary depending on different causes. We present several troubleshootings here, hoping one can fix the your Moto G Wi-Fi issues.

• Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced and make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always and Avoid poor connections is not selected.

• You can also try to turn your Moto G and the router off and turn them on after several minutes. This solution may help you solve the Wi-Fi problems.

• If the above-mentioned troubleshootings do not work on your handset, you can try this one. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and long press on your router, then choose Forget network. Scan again and re-enter all your details.

• If you meet the excessive battery drain problem, you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced and set Scanning always available to off.

3. Motorola Moto G Poor Audio Issues

Motorola Moto G is a budget smartphone, and users expect good quality on the Audio for the phone. However, when users listen to music with the headphones or earphones, they are bothered by the poor quality audio.

Troubleshooting: How to Fix Moto G Poor Audio Problem

Tap Settings > Sound > Audio Effects and you can tweak the equalizer settings for the Wired Stereo and Speaker separately. You can check if the sound is changed better on the Audio this setting.

4. Moto G Rattling Noise Issue

Complaints regarding Motorola Moto G rattling noise have pop up recently. The rattling sound is made when the Moto G is shaken or the vibration motor goes off. Actually, the rattling noise does not affect all the Moto G's normal functions, but many users feel disturbed.

Toubleshooting: How to Solve Moto G Rattling Noise Issue

The Moto G rattling noise problem may be caused by a loose button.

• You can add a Moto G case which can reduce the rattle on the phone.

• Go to Settings > Sound > Turn off Vibrate on touch or Vibrate when ringing.

• Go to Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard Settings > Turn off Vibrate on keypress.

• You can remove the Moto G back cover and fix the space between the buttons and the back cover with small paper or tape. The method may handle the Moto G rattle problem.

5. Moto G Losing Connection Issue After The Android 4.4.2 Update

The phone is available for the Android 4.4 update immediately when the OS was released. However, some Moto G owners said their phones encounter serious issues after updating to Android 4.4.2. Various posts reflecting Moto G is intermittently dropping signals, and even losing connection with the SIM card.

Toubleshooting: How to Fix Moto G Losing Connection Problem

This Moto G connection issue seems to bother a number of users on different networks. You can solve the Android 4.4.2 update issue on the Moto G by turning the phone on and off again to see if the connection works in order. If this issue does not solved, you can turn to Moto G’s service center to search for professional help, for Motorola is aware of this issue and arrange engineers to work out solutions based on feedback and error reports in the forum.

Have you met any Moto G problems? Hope these solutions to fix Moto G issues can help you. If you have met other Motorola Moto G problems and don’t know the solutions, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

  1. BY Owuwu

    I can’t receive calls on my moto G 2generation but I can make calls.
    I also want to change my email account and phone is requesting for password

    • BY kaye

      Hi Owuwu, to fix this issue, try to disconnect your phone from the network and reconnect it. If it not works, try this way: go into phone-menu-settings-call and set “voice over LTE” to do not use. May this can help you and have a nice day.


    My Moto G is showing the Moto logo and android below. The lite stays on and wont go off. Also, nothing else comes on. No display with apps or anything.
    Any suggestions?

    • BY kaye

      Hi VASAGI, Try to restart your Moto G, press power key 8s. If this way doesn’t work, you’d better go to the repair shop ask for help.

  3. BY Sudha

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I had purchased mibile Moto g Play Mobile in one montth back. In watching Video suddenly screen is sleeping mode. Please guide me settings

    • BY kaye

      Hi,have you ever set the sleeping mode? you can try to hit menu>settings>developer options and if you scroll down there should be an option to never sleep.

  4. BY Susan

    On my Moto g EXT I am no longer able to send or forward emails. They just stay in the sent folder. I used to be able to send emails using this phone. It doesn’t matter whether I am connected to Wifi or not. Any suggestions as what the problem is?

  5. BY Nicole

    Please help the left side of my phone cannot push buttons on and I need to know how to speak everything numbers everything because I cannot text and I did the cleanup process of cleaning up and then my phone wouldn’t work anymore half of it can you please help please answer thank you

  6. BY Nicolet

    Is there a way I can just say to my phone numbers and email addresses and everything because half my phone does not text out it doesn’t work on one side of my phone

  7. BY Tom Wood

    My Moto G will only work if Wi-Fi is available. I can call and text, but no news, weather or email feed. This is true at every zip code. It is a CDMA Verizon phone, worked fine until a month ago. Have tried everything short of a complete factory restore to no avail. Hate to have to buy a new phone. Thanks for any help.

  8. BY HimAnga KashYap

    When I was playing games in Moto g4 plus like mini militia,NOVA,Asphalt then more time of those games has stopped working & hang it !! Specially Mini militia game. But why ? Please give me a solution please & please rpl as soon as possible please.

    • BY gopi

      I too have the same prblm …do u got any solution for that .. i bought 5 days back but i cant play mini militia prprly

  9. BY Aditya

    Sir I reset my phone moto g 3rd generation . And then I try to start phone but their it not accept my own account for Google account it does not open please give me a suggestion

  10. BY parker

    I have moto g4 plus compas is not working.please give me some solution.

  11. BY Satish

    moto g 3 ger of the laid off is not it, how we will help me plus

  12. BY s.ghosh

    I have moto g 2nd genarstion purchased 6 months im facing problem.notifications are not coming,while iswipe from up there is comment no notificstion
    More over just now i found no one sble to call me ad the call drop after a ring.plz help, in serious problem as if others cant contact me,,,

    • BY matt

      Hi,i have exactly the same problem as this,did you get a fix for this?

  13. BY moll

    my moto g 3rd gen has gone really weird. the lock screen has disappeared, centre button doesn’t do anything now and the notification bar wont pull down.

    Any help on how to sort these so the phone is normal would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • BY Moto User

      Hi, Even I had the same problem. In addition phone couldn’t detect mobile network as well. Empty triangle was displayed. Even I followed the same solution of factory reset. Above mentioned problems were solved, but mobile network issue still persists. I get network when I keep the phone in 2G, but network goes away when tried to connect to 4G. When tried to access my sim in someone else’s phone, it works fine with 4G as well. Tried using other’s sim in my phone, of same network, that worked fine as well . Can’t understand how to get this issue resolved. Any help highly appreciated.

    • BY moto user

      I was having the same issue. I was able to solve it by performing a factory reset on the phone. Phone is a Moto E2 LTE. Hope this helps.

    • BY Purnima

      Hello I’m facing similar problem in my moto 3g. Any solution for it?

  14. BY Mahendra

    There is an white lite appearing on centre of the phone and it is not switching off. tried rebuting still not helpful

  15. BY mike

    when my Moto G updates I lose a good number of contacts

  16. BY Shuvo

    Hello, my moto G 2nd generation phone is not vibrating when the receiver of my call received the phone. How can solve this problem?

  17. BY rick h

    when I try to make a phone call, the message’ mobile network not available’ pops up. The same thing happens when I go to my email account and messaging.

  18. BY Jane

    Hi my Moto G keeps saying cannot be connected when someone telephones me. If the caller rings me again straight after the first call then the mobile sometimes rings. This as only started happening after I went onto a 10 pound big bundle as a tarrif. Can you suggest anything.

  19. BY jb

    motog when sending or receiving pictures wont reconize my contacts

  20. BY suresh sharma

    hello motto
    my moto g 2nd gen having a problem of network issues , i went to the customer care they kept the phone for one month but still the phone s facing the same problem..
    what kind of service is this.. im tired of motorola

  21. BY Khusan

    Hello Sir/Madam!
    Brand of my cell phone is Moto G CDMA1! I didn’t know what happened with my phone, because the network set of the phone is not available. Can you help or advise me so as to adjust the network set? Thank you in advance!

  22. BY Sudhir Y. Adhalge

    In moto g2 generation sim card shows emergency calls what is solutions. I went in Motorola service center 2 times in mulund but not get the solution. I have aritel 4g card. This card working in other phone properly

    • BY Yaseen

      Hi I am facing the same problem in my g4 plus only aircel micro sim is detected in slot 1 and no other sim is detecting any solution

  23. BY brian white

    my moto g will not turn on but when you call it rings like its on but notting shows up on the screen dont light up at all ???

    • BY May

      Looks like the LCD display was damaged.

  24. BY Peggy

    My incoming call volume is too low. My phone is a Motorola G Ext and I don’t see any way to bring it up.

  25. BY Star

    I have a Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation Phone running the latest updates and Lollipop.
    My Problem is when I stream video over the WIFI network to the phone it becomes choppy and blockey to a point where it becomes unwatchable.
    My Router is the latest Sky one.
    I have used The most popular video player apps . But they don’t improve things.
    There is no problems in playing the same video from the internal memory or the SD card on the phone
    I have 6 other pc/laptops and none of them have this problem.
    Anybody got any ideas ?

  26. BY chris79

    cast sceesn issues cant get to work as wont give me option to search any ideas i have a smart tv

  27. BY Jessica Fang

    Hello, I recently took my Moto G to the mountains and I think it suffered some kind of heat issue, and now it won't turn on at all. Any way to solve this issue?

  28. BY Anvar

    SMS are not going to the 4 digit Nos. from my MOTO G Mobile. Kindly advise a solution.

  29. BY Frank Paul

    unable to pick-up incoming calls. When inital black screen comes on there is also a “lock” icon below the time. All else appears to work fine.

  30. BY sahil

    my phone is only getting switched on till the moto symbol and is not displaying anything futher. its been more than 15 hours now. i have been charging the phone every now and then and i ve been holding the power button several times

  31. BY Wayne

    My Moto G is showing the Moto logo and android below. The lite stays on and wont go off. Also, nothing else comes on. No display with apps or anything.
    Any suggestions?

  32. BY Mohammad

    My Moto is not showing icons on the screen. Can not make calls. Any advice will help. Thanks

  33. BY jaime

    I dnt know what happened to my Motorola moto g because I had my phone functioning as normal and just leave it for like one hour and then gone back to it but it never turned on again. Also, when I connect my charger only the notification light from the front comes on. I really don’t know what happened to it. what could had happen?? I like Motorola moto g plz need help. thnks

  34. BY Sylvia

    I have a new Motorola moto G LTE and when people call me, the screen stays black and I press the power key to light it up and then it cuts the call. How do I make the screen light up when a call comes through?

  35. BY felicia

    Hello when I make a call its very jumpy and I cannot understand what the other person is saying I turned my phone on and off its still sounding this way

  36. BY Colleen Emery

    Why won’t the main page come on when Motog goes off (I have it set for 2 minutes after no activity) It comes on showing Contacts and I have to go to the Home Screen. Why won’t Home screen come on automatically?

  37. BY Jeannie

    Can not receive texts or pictures from from half my contacts.

  38. BY vikram

    I am facing issue to connect to router present at home. Moto g was working fine for few months, all of a sudden it stopped connecting to home router and it is connecting to other routers. Tried all possible things like: restarting, clearing cache through hardware, but nothing is working. Thought it was a router fault, so tried connecting to my router from other phones and it was connected.

  39. BY Nipun Reddy

    My moto g was unable to hear the audio songs with headphones after the updating the my andriod version 5.0. Please help me how to resolve this problem.

  40. BY Priya

    Moto G second generation is a worsttt mobile..Even problems occurred in the 2nd week from the day i bought it. The basic call feature is very very bad. No audio while dialling or receiving the callss..weird behaviour. i got irritated a lot. Thats why people go for branded one…

  41. BY dileep

    When text message received screen up for continue . plz get me solution

  42. BY 2nyboy

    i have same problem i purchased from amazon white 2nd gen moto g. NO SIM it ried it several times no luck..anyone knows how to fix this? or is the unit faulty

  43. BY Aayush Rathore

    Hey there! I purchased moto g2 8 days ago. I play asphalt 8. The problem is that while I am playing the game my chatting applications such as hike and whatsapp go offline and I don’t receive messages! Why is this happening with my phone!??

  44. BY Anu

    I bought MotoG2 on launch day. I am having problem in sim card detection. Its says, No SIM card – Emergency calls only even when SIM card is present. I tried switch off the mobile and remove and inserted the SIM many times. Its not working. Does any one having same problem in MotoG2 and knows the fix?

    • BY elisa

      Had this problem sim card was bad. Got new card never had problem

  45. BY Jomia

    I’m also facing issue while calling.


    I m using MOTO G 2nd gen I have a issue like all of sudden I cannot hear the other party I cannot even hear the ring while calling, this is only sorted by restarting the phone , but after some time problem reoccure, i dont no weather it is network problem(I m using iDEA) or hardware problem, if anyone having any sollution plz reach me on 08652228573

  47. BY sanjay goyal

    i am having problem with the inter net connection on 3g…..I m having Vodafone sim….the network always changes to orange in color…the 3g signal is full on my location but it doesn’t connect to the internet……plz help….I have tried everything including reinserting the micro sim…my APN is also correct…but I could not connect to the internet..plz

  48. BY arun

    I have a problem in contacts..
    many a time i notice that the existing contact go missing. I am adding again to contacts whenever I notice this.
    what is the reason ? i have about 800 contacts .. is that too much ??
    how to organize & maintain the contacts ??

  49. BY ABHI

    I HAVE ONE PROBLEM PLZ SOL IT????????????…………..

  50. BY manali m

    I am facing problem while selecting networks….even I
    Keep on automatic.. It gives me pop up “no network/ select network” I am fed up with network problem … If any one can help me thn that would be great ..

  51. BY santhosh

    i bought moto e before 2 monthes iam facing the proble with music and also i cant hear the voice from the other person when they call if i switch to loudspeaker option than only i can hear them,
    same problem one of my friend also having with this moto e,so please dont go for moto mobiles,

    if any one can help me from moto side?

  52. BY rajesh m

    Mine will not read the SIM, and it is a Micro SIM. I’ve tried rebooting, resetting, changing SIM cards, using SIMs from different carriers and it always does the same thing.
    Before I put the SIM in, it will say ‘No SIM’ and have a little icon in the notifications bar. Then I put a SIM in and it will flash five bars of service and the network, then it will go to zero bars, no network name in the corner and “emergency calls only”.
    What the heck is the cause of this problem and how do I solve it?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  53. BY madhavi

    did the issue get resolved??if so can u let me knw how


      Internet speed is getting very low day by day in my moto g even I have. Airtel 3g please help me

  54. BY Nagaboy

    I really love this phone everything work perfect… But I feel something is inferior which is the internet connection speed… I’m using airtel which has the highest internet speed in India. But there is no chance of using 2g even the 3 g is very slow … Lately I came to know this when I bough Xiaomi RedMi 1s for my sister and found much much faster than the King Moto G. So I even downloaded and start testing the speed with both having 3g. Where Xiaomi has download speed of 7.74 and upload speed 1.94 whereas Moto has 2.52 and 1.8 which is much inferior ….

  55. BY Lawrence Rand

    Was going to buy it.

  56. BY Raja

    I am not able to send and receicve SMS using the Moto G. I did factory reset and also the latest Andriod update. But no luck

    • BY madhavi

      any luck???? did this resolve if so can u let me knw how

  57. BY abdi

    my moto g won’t let me sign in to my account and its saying unknown error please try again. please help me I’ve got a lot of stuff in my account and I can’t delete it.thanks

  58. BY Lily King

    My MOTO E phone has gone completely mute. I have checked the setting are on for the ringer but it is still mute.
    Anyone have any ideas what I can do to get it to ring again.. Starting to regret buying this phone

  59. BY Savanna Georgia

    I bought my Motorola G two days ago and it won’t turn on. I charged it but it still won’t come on. I had trouble activating the phone when I first got it. Tech support wouldn’t let me have an up grade. My phone number is from a different city but in the same area code. I love my new phone; wish it didn’t have problems.

  60. BY martin c

    I have a Motorola 8g and some times the sound goes off completely, and have tried every to get the sound back on. The only thing that worked is when I reset the phone. Can any one give me a easier way to regain the sound problem. cheers if you can help.

  61. BY Sunil

    I too have a internet speed issue in Moto g 16 GB. Whereas speed is far better in other phones. How can I fix this issue?

  62. BY Mercedes

    One of the connectors broke off while replacing the screen can this be fixed? It’s the one that was under the blue covering.

  63. BY Abinash

    Hi, I am unable to listen any sound from my phone. Since today morning suddenly all audios muted in my phone. so i am not able to listen my ringtone as well as i am not able to listen anything during phone call in both speaker and headphone. Can anyone suggest me what to do ?

  64. BY rohit

    Hi, im having the same problem too….after i updated the software to 4.4.4 my sim’s not working…what should i do to make this work?

  65. BY Eric

    Hi I have a motto g phone since the upgrade I have lost the transfer of my texts to my touch screen have been in touch with mottarola they can’t come up with a answer do any dody know what has happen

  66. BY mrjanssen


    I have same problem as others. After update last week of version 4.4.4 I have no internet connection. I tried several sim cards but the problem is not solved! Very frustrating. Its common problem with Moto G but Motorola has not come up with any solution.

  67. BY dylan perry

    This was not any of the problems i am haveing.My phone wont stop with these pop ups saying something is wrong with my phone and
    it wont even let my get to my home page how can i fix this

  68. BY Cena

    I got my moto g, but lately I face a sever issue which is all the pics I upload to it they go disappeared, pics from whats app, we chat and other apps when I open them they have to get saved in my phone but i only can see them right away and after than i cant find them in my gallery and also when bluetooth pics disappears. even somedays back i plugged it to my lappie and transferred some of my pics to it but now it doesnt show them either. anyone have same problem which have been solved them revert plz.

  69. BY Dee

    Somebody tell me what’s wrong with my phone
    It was working PERFECTLY fine, but after I went on a website in google chrome something happened now everytime I listen to music watch a video with my headphones in, it will not play

  70. BY Arpan

    I bought Motorola moto g 16 GB June 15 when I rooted the device and Some problems was created with these so I make dission to unlock the boot loader after unlocking the bootloder now I got my phone in previous condition but the only one problem is that my mobile network is lost I can’t find any signel on my device so please help me Motorola …..?


    i have a moto e.The problem is that when i am at home the the E symbol goes away and when i am at out the symbol comes back. what is the problem and if there is a problem in settings please help me. I am using loop simcard

  72. BY marv

    Hey for some reason my phone won’t turn on. No water damage and minor drops. I charged it the night before and it was fine, I go to work and it dies never to turn on again. Any ideas??

    • BY Stephanie

      my moto just done the same thing..what did you have to do to get it fixed??

  73. BY Arty

    I get my Moto G on June 17th. Have been using it with no issues so far. However, the 2g Internet is very slow on my phone. I have an idea microsim. Everything else seems to work fine. However on launching some apps such as quiz up, I encounter a black screen and no response. The first app to crash was the stock android gallery.

    • BY saju

      Hi Arty,
      I am also facing same issue.
      Have you fixed moto g internet issue ?
      Please snd your reply to sajuptpm at

  74. BY Ankit

    I love my Moto G……but now i am facing a problem. It is with 3G. There are options for changing 2G to 3G but whenever i switch to 3G connection,my sim signals keeps fluctuating and the ‘E’ icon too…….but it works fine in 2G. I can still use 2G but the internet speed is slow. I took 3G data plan just 1 day back…..seems my money got waste……Also when i am using internet with 2G connection,if i am not using internet then also it is taking the data,it goes on from 96Mb to 97Mb…..98Mb without doing nothing……it happens usually when i try to download Games like ‘Temple Run2, Subway surfers etc…but then i stop the download process because it takes so much time on 2G..plz help

    • BY Ashwathy

      I have the exact same issue but it’s regarding my Micromax Bolt A58(Android 4.2.2) .The sim signals keeps fluctuating whenever I select ‘auto-mode’ but connection works fine when the ‘3G service’ is kept off. Have you found a fix ?If you know please let me know since I am facing this issue for almost 4 weeks. Any suggestion is appreciated.

    • BY Anirban


      Have you been able to resolve the problem. even am facing the same problem

    • BY lalitha

      my mobile data is automatically getting on when i restart my moto g

  75. BY arun

    I am using moto g 16gb its works great but i have only one problem the volume of phone call totally gets mute sometime even when call volume is full then after restart only it can hear what to da

  76. BY Naveen

    Hi need help..I bought Moto G 16G -yesterday. I am facing problem in network signal.
    Please support me for solving the problem if any one facing the network error.
    I have done the following things –
    1) Network not working – factory reset done
    2) Bought 2-3 micro sim checked with all the network same error.
    But internet is working & not able to make calls – if i try to make calls it showing as network not available
    3)Sometime network will appear & it will be in orange color & not able make calls or Internet access.

    • BY prabhagaran

      I also bought the moto g 16gb. I too have the same problem. When i enquired with the aircel, they told that it is common problem in moto-g. Sometimes they are sending mobiles for other regions which will not work in india. So we need to get the replacement(from flipkart).

  77. BY lokesh

    I purchased MOTO G 5 days back and i am experiencing same problem, My phone is unable to detect any network. i tried every connection including airtel, idea, aircel..but noting works. I got this mobile as second replacement from flipkart but this is also having same issue. i think i am gona apply for refund if it doesn’t get resolved soon. reallp pissed of with MOTO G

  78. BY antoine

    I have had a moto g for a few months now and something I noticed is it won’t recognize half my media (mostly mp3 music files). I have tried manually setting them up but it will play them then no other song. Can someone help me please?

  79. BY rounak

    My problem is my moto g net is working but when I call someone he show mobile network error
    This is my problem plz help me

    Thank you

  80. BY shakilur nawaz

    Sometimes while exiting an app…the phone slows down, yhe app tray becomes black
    Goggle chrome sometimes shows ‘not responding’ & it also fails to open a link through google now

  81. BY Joshua

    I bought motorola g two month ago and it was functioning very well.But these days the screen stacked and i failed to use my phone. what is the problem? Could you help me?

  82. BY vaibhav mehta

    I am facing the no service issue from past 7 days.. 🙁

  83. BY Deepan

    Yes, Sometimes “sim” is not detected, after restart the phone it works fine. And am unable to hear the voice when i get a call or making call and when i restart the device it can be heard.

    • BY neha singh

      i m facing a similar issues from very first day of purchase which ws on 15th oct..

      1. i smtimes cant hear the person making call tome or even when i make a call there is no sound at all on my phon..even though the phone connects on the other side.

      2. i cant set my favorite song as my ringtone
      3. cant change the radio channels using the headphone button..rather it stops playing music on pressing the button.
      4.internet speed is worse even on 3 g…hw do i upgrade it.

      • BY Rajesh.P

        Hi Neha, (Reply to — I cant set my favorite song as my ringtone)

        Follow the below steps to set your favorite song as ringtone:-
        1. Download and install third party app “File Manager” from Google Play Store
        2. Click on Installed app “File Manager”
        3. You will find few folders. Out of these you will find Ringtones folder as well
        4. Move or Copy Paste your favorites songs in this folder
        5. Then go back to the settings –> Sound –> Click on Phone Ringtone –> select Media Storage and continue
        6. Here you will find the above added songs in Ringtones folder will be displayed in this Phone ringtone list.
        7. Now select your favorite song as ringtone and Enjoy.

    • BY Vicky

      I would suggest you to get a Micro Sim from the store and then try. It’s a Sim issue Which I have faced as well, But it is working fine now after getting the Company provided Micro Sim.
      Hope this helps.

      • BY Court

        Mine will not read the SIM, and it is a Micro SIM. I’ve tried rebooting, resetting, changing SIM cards, using SIMs from different carriers and it always does the same thing.

        Before I put the SIM in, it will say ‘No SIM’ and have a little icon in the notifications bar. Then I put a SIM in and it will flash five bars of service and the network, then it will go to zero bars, no network name in the corner and “emergency calls only”.

        What the heck is the cause of this problem and how do I solve it?

        Thanks in advance 🙂

        • BY Abdullah Shafique

          I’m having the same problem 🙁

          Did you find a fix?


  84. BY Shankar

    Hi, Can you share pin out diagram for MOTO G LCD + Touch Screen.
    Thank you


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