How to Solve the Common Nexus 5 Issues

As the newest Google device, the Nexus 5 is well received because of its affordable price and fresh design as well as other highlights. But it doesn’t mean it’s impeccable. The five software issues listed below are the common Nexus 5 problems. We have figured out some corresponding solutions to them. But if you are experiencing the hardware issues on your N5 and need to replace the broken parts, ETrade supply is always your best place to get the new Nexus 5 replacement parts.

How to Solve the Common Nexus 5 Issues


How to Solve the Nexus 5 Battery Issue

  The Nexus 5 features a 4.95 inch display, but the battery capacity is only 2,300mAh. Some users have complained the 2,300mAh battery is not enough and drains rapidly. They have to charge the N5 twice a day. If you are also haunted by this unpleasant battery issue, you can try the tips below to fix it. •  Modify the screen brightness to a low level and reduce the screen timeout duration. • Disable mobile data, Bluetooth, NFC and Android Beam when you don’t use them. • Turn Wi-Fi off when you are in a place where you see your handset is constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks. • Go to Settings => Location => Mode and use battery saver for GPS rather than high accuracy. • Go to Google Now => Settings => Voice and disable Hotword Detection to turn off the “Ok Google” feature. • Go to the Gallery app => Settings to disable Google Photos sync. • You can also get a portable battery charger.  

How to Fix the Nexus 5 Wi-Fi Connection Bug

  Lots of owners have reported their Nexus 5 smartphones perform badly in the connection to Wi-Fi network or they keep dropping and have trouble with connecting to Facebook or Hangout.  If you’re still experiencing this problem, the following solutions could help you. • Try to switch to the Airplane mode and back again or turn the Wi-Fi off and on again. • Go to Setting => Wireless and networks => Wi-Fi => select your network and choose Forget. Later, try to reconnect the Wi-Fi to see if it will connect successfully. • Make sure your router firmware is the most up-to-date version and check its security settings by consulting your ISP’s manual or website.  

How to Resolve the Nexus 5 Speaker Issue

  Some people have posted that when they are talking on the phone, the people on the other side cannot hear them. Some have reported that “certain things can sound like its coming from within a cave with the sound bouncing around sounding like it's trying to escape. Spoken word audio highlights the problem as well as local file playback also being bad causing echo and distortion.” Fortunately, Google has officially confirmed the Nexus 5 speaker problem, which is related to some of the audio tweaks made by android 4.4 KitKat.  Google promised to fix it with a software update. But you can try some other tips ahead of the official solution. For example, if you’re using Google Play Music, you can go to Settings => Equalizer and turn it on to check whether it is improved.  

How to Settle the Nexus 5 Camera Bugs

  The Nexus 5 owners have reported that they are annoyed with the camera issues, like shutter lag, slow auto-focus, blurry photos, etc. It is reported that this can be fixed with a software update. So you can go to Setting => About phone => System updates to check the latest available update.  

How to Work out the Nexus 5 Google Now Problem

  Some Nexus 5 users are experiencing the Google Now issue. They said Google Now doesn’t function properly, such as it doesn’t load any information and will not sync or is even crashing when activating it for the first time.  The temporary solution is to sign out their accounts and sign in back again. Google recommends users send in feedback from their Nexus 5 by going to Setting => Help & Feedback => Send Feedback. If you have encountered other issues on your Nexus 5, please submit them in the comment box. We’ll try our best to help you out.
  1. BY Dorothy

    Hi I am having an occurring issue with my nexus 5. The whole screen keeps jumping severely even after getting a new screen doing a reboot it still the same issue.
    What could be the problem or solution

  2. BY Gloria

    Constantly getting errors when trying to access the camera, error says it cannot connect to camera and I have to reset my phone – would love to fix this?

  3. BY Jayesh

    Need help to change the settings of the diplay turning off when front camera comes close to any object. the feature is to turn of teh display while making phone calls . but now the display keeps turning off every time my finger reaches anywhere near the front camera. Not able to understand the settings and where to change the response time for the same. Anybody out there who could help please.

  4. BY niall mcveigh

    I tried to change my ringtone by adding a mp3 to the ringtones folder as instructed. Now when I enter settings and tap Sounds it crashes back to the home screen. Phone not out of the box an hour.

  5. BY Robin Munkittrick

    I would like to see a fix for the GPS issue!

    • BY abhishek

      I also need a fix to GPS. I am unable to get my location


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