Solutions to Nokia Lumia 928 Problems

People know that the Nokia Lumia 928 is a great windows phone with many new features. But it’s still not perfect and millions of users have reported different kinds of problems they faced in the past months. ETrade Supply conducted lots of researches on those problems and now here we are publishing this article presenting some Lumia 928 problems and issues followed with related solutions.

How to solve the Lumia 928’s orange tint problem:

How to solve Lumia 928’s orange tint problem

Previously numerous people complained that the xenon flash made the photo too orange. Thanks to, they share a better solution: simply change the white balance of the camera to fluorescent, then the color temperature can be reduced back to a more normal hue.  

Fix Lumia 928 screen freezes problem

Some users told us that the Lumia 928’s screen won't respond to screen control but will respond to the buttons consisting of the camera button and the screen displays normally and even shoots a photo. Regarding this Lumia 928 freezes problem, one user provided us with the following solutions:

1. Plug into power/qi and hold your finger on the windows button while holding down the power button to reboot.  This was much better than just rebooting without power/ and holding button.

2. Remove sim, then reboot.  ALMOST always will reboot with screen working. Then insert SIM and reboot again, this always works if the first reboot without the sim works.  

How to save Lumia 928 texting problem

Many people reported that the Lumia 928 have the texting problem. They can use the phone to make or answer a call, send picture, messages, and even texts, but they can't make a success of receiving texts. If you are facing this problem you can try this solution: hold the middle button on the phone until the shut-down dialog opens, use that to power down and restart your phone about a minute later. ****  

How to do a reset for Lumia 928

To soft reset, your phone is a good method to solve any issues your Lumia 928 may have, because it is just like restarting your computer.  It will delete all of your private data from the phone if you do the hard reset. The following is the method that how to do both soft reset and hard reset for your Lumia 928.

Soft reset:

1. Press down the Volume Down + Power button

2. Hold until your device vibrates (takes around 15 seconds)

Hard reset:

1. Go to Settings > About

2. Select reset your phone

3. Wait (this can take up to an hour!)

4. Your phone is as good as new

  1. BY Augustine Adade

    please I want to know the insert SIM IC solution of Lumia 928
    if possible the diagram

    • BY kaye

      Sorry sir, we can’t provide it.

  2. BY Cecil Gayhart

    My Nokia Lumia 928 will not receive pic or attachment dat on text can receive message, can send message and pic and attachments. Every thing else works. No one seems to know the problem.

    • BY May

      Hey Cecil, have you checked if your Lumia 928 storage memory is full?

      • BY Cecil Gayhart

        Yes Have over 20GB free. I up dated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and changed carrier back in Feb. New carrier have checked everything on their side they can’t figure it out. no seems to know why can receive text message but if a pic or message is attached I get unknown.


    tHANK yOU VERY MUCH…MY Camera froze …..With the help of this trouble shooting guide I fixed it…thanx….

  4. BY idiris

    my ohone have a problem power spply when i get ready to charge the phone its not charging also its shown apower electrec saimpole how can i fix it

  5. BY Amy

    My phone will randomly bring up a sim card error…. I have rebooted/removed my sim card at least 5 times now. when I turn the phone on, it works for a few minutes, but then the sim card error pops up again. I’ve never had this problem before!


    please help me I dont seem to be able to make or receive a call there is just no sound when dialing please help

    • BY Lillian

      my phone will make or receive calls. I can use the data and text, but on out/incoming calls. Please help

    • BY Erica

      I’m having that same problem too! How do I fix it?!

  7. BY Melissa

    Thank you very much! I was suffering from the screen freeze and the plugged-in, windows-button reboot solved the issue!!

  8. BY Gila Natan

    I am so upset!!! my phone is completely silent… it says that it is on ring and everything is on, but everything is silent.. please help

    I hate this phone and had nothing but trouble from the beginning…



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