The Three Most Common Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Issues and Solutions

As a phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is favored by those who love large screen smartphone. This device is very powerful and equipped with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, four-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, 2GB RAM, and 16/32/64 GB storage. However, it doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note 2 is a perfect device. Here are several common Galaxy Note 2 problems followed related solutions. Hope these solutions could help you out.

 Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Issues


•  Galaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi Connection Issues

It seems the Wi-Fi connection issues are commonly seen on many smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc. Therefore, the solutions to these problems are similar. If you realize your Note 2 cannot connect to Wi-Fi, the network speed is very low, the Wi-Fi randomly disconnects, or no Internet access on the device after the Wi-Fi turned on, you can apply these tips.

1. Turn Wi-Fi off and on again, or restart your Note 2 and the router.

2. Go to Settings => Wi-Fi, then tap the Menu button again and select Advanced, and make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

3. Or dial the *#0011# => Menu => Wi-Fi to turn off Wi-Fi power save mode on your Note.

4. If the above tips , you can try a Factory reset. Some people have reported this does help, but you have to reinstall the apps that you need after a Factory reset.

•  Galaxy Note 2 Charging Troubles

Some people have reported that it takes longer time to charge instead of two or three hours. What's worse, the device even cannot be in charge at all or there is a buzzing sound while the device is charging. If you are experiencing these troubles, you can follow these steps to overcome them.

1. About the long charging time or sound issues, you can try another new 2A charger (Note 2 comes with a 2A battery charger) to check whether your old charger is the culprit.

2. If the device won’t charge, make sure the Micro USB port on Galaxy Note 2 is not covered by the dust and dirt. And you can also restart the device, but this cannot solve this issue permanently.

3. If everything you try is fine, it comes to check the Note 2 battery.

•  Galaxy Note 2 Screen Cracked Problems

In many forums, quite a few owners posted that their Note 2 screen cracked. Some people smashed the front glass, or some crashed the inside LCD screen. As we all know the Note 2 display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which should be tough enough. However, cracked cases just happened. The solution to this issue is to insure your phone or get a case for it before the tragedy happens. But if your Note 2 screen has already been cracked or smashed, you can send your device to Samsung to get repaired. But if you reluctant to spend too much, you could get a new Note 2 glass lens and do it yourself. If you are not sure you’re able to replace the fragile glass alone, maybe you can try an easier solution - change the entire Note 2 LCD assembly instead of glass lens, but changing the entire LCD assembly will cost more.

•  Other Issues

As to other issues on the Galaxy Note 2, some users reported they are unable to send or receive emails on the Note 2. If so, you should check whether the Network is connected, whether the email address and password are correct. If both are OK, you’d better power off your device and remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinstall the battery and turn the Note 2 on to test whether the issue is resolved. Other people complain the internal storage is not enough and the battery capacity is a little bit low. The respective approaches are to uninstall the apps you don’t need and close the apps you're not using.

Although Galaxy Note 2 has the above mentioned problems, it doesn’t mean this device is not deserved to buy. But if you want a more advanced phablet, you can wait for the Galaxy Note 3, which should be more powerful than the Note 2. And we hope most of the issues will not happen on Note 3. Welcome to share your experiences with your Galaxy Note 2 issues and solutions.

  1. BY veronica

    The problem of my note 2 is that wenever i get a notification my phone wont turn off automaticaly unless i turn it with power button and thats killing my charge ..if i forger to lock it i will find my charge with 1 % even if it was 98% and i tried 15 minutes the display should turn off but nothing so plz i need an answer

  2. BY Umesh Sojitra

    I have samsung galaxy Note – 2, it one problem of WI-fi.
    When i stands beside router then also wifi range come only in 1 point or 2 points.
    Even router range is 300 meters.
    Help me out, if someone can solve this problem

    Thank you,

  3. BY saheed

    Somebody pls help with an answer. My note screen operates itself each time i switch to 2G network, the menu key n the back key will sieze. Things will just start happening on your screen.{ Its okay on 3G} .

    • BY mohamed salah

      Same with me .. and can’t find the answer

  4. BY Angela

    Hi, my son has a Samsung Note 2 and when the phone died on him, he charged it as usual, but this time when he turned it back on there was a black screen with detailed info of his phone on it. We’ve done trouble shooting, and a master reset, and that screen is still on his phone. He can’t make calls or accept calls, send or receive text. What could it be?

  5. BY sara

    hey,is this mobile samsung galaxy note 2 so bad i was thinking to buy it. should i buy it or not

  6. BY sarath

    My note2 is not charging at switch off time how to solve

  7. BY Mateo Ramohlale

    I have a note2 and the problem with it is ,when I receive calls it put my calls ON HOLD and when I make calls it will do the same thing. What is the problem?

  8. BY Sobia

    I have small R on my notification bar between wifi and phone signales it seems it’s a sign for roming but in setting roming is off and it never go away no matter what I do

  9. BY sherrie

    i had my note 2 screen cracked last year bout 4 month ago, but today it suddenly wont work! i can see part of the screen and LCD bleeding,battery fully charged. in the morning it was still working , i checked my messages and nothing was wrong! i predicted that water might have gone in, but i didnt touch my phone since the morning i only touch my phone bout 2.30pm and just to realised it wasnt working! Please tell my whats the problem……all answers are appreciated!

  10. BY amy

    My galaxy note 2 has a red led on the left side of the speaker and it won’t turn off…even if the phone is off its still on! What could be the problem??

  11. BY Sandy

    Is there a way to reset Samsung Galaxy note 2 with the screen turn white suddenly without clearing any data in it ?

  12. BY Joseph

    Is there any way to disable the volume button? I often find myself inadvertently turning off the volume by touching the phone, e.g. removing it from my pants pocket.

  13. BY Reghu R

    I have purchased a bookfrom Google Play Store. I would like to read in landsape mode so that I can soom and see whole line ion screen. Everything wiil rotate, but when i flip pages, the bookappears in portrait mode only. While going through settings, i found in Google Books, we could lock screen in landscape mode.Ilocked screen so. Eventhen, when I open book, page appear in potrait mode. In setting I habe noticed,we could make book to be read out. To make it so, weneed to turn on “accessibility”. I turned on accessibility, it gave me a tutorial. It was nice. When the figure touches, it will read out the icon name and details. Only problem is we need to tap the icon thousand times, then only app would get executed. So far everyting good. Now I took book,book name was read out. Nice. I opened book. No reading out. So i fed up. Now I would like to stop experiments. I tried to turn off accessibility. I tap on settings icon thousand time, I got settings menu, I cannot scroll down the menu. By taping thousand time, I switched to “connection”,”My device”,”accounts” and “More” pages of settings. Accessibilty menu item is mysteriosly is removed/vanished. Now i want to throw and crush my samsung galaxy note2 gt100 into powder.

  14. BY Daphne

    My Note II had intermittent Wi-Fi issues, which became permanent when phone only 4 months old.Contacted seller, and the phone went to warranty service, where the faulty PC board (motherboard) is being replaced. Hope all will be well when it comes back.

  15. BY yash

    My note 2 is freeze and is not charging what can I do

  16. BY akbar burney

    It want install apps even having 15gb in my sd card:(

  17. BY Neil

    Thank you so much for the *#0011# WiFi tip!

    My WiFi was working intermittently and now it really works!

    • BY Neil

      Dang! Still not working. The Wifi works for a while and then turns itself off and even when I enable Wifi, it turns itself off after a few seconds.

  18. BY Liown

    When I am talking on my samsung note. 2 every now and then I hear a call button being pushed in my ear I took my phone in. To sprint the took off all old soft ware and put on new software Problem still exists. Doe anyone have an answer

  19. BY elhaam
    | problem with this note 2 is that it automatically turns off when not in use. i try to unlock it through the home button but the screen remains blank and then i need to switch it on with the power button. also during the night my phone is on charge n next morning the screen is blank again, just a red light that keeps blinking again i have to switch it on.. plz cant find a solution to this my phone is barely a month old.. need help..

    • BY Dean

      I am having he same problem.

  20. BY Dipak

    Not able to switch off mobile data connection mode on my note 2 try several things but in vain please help

  21. BY mad

    My note 2 all of a sudden will come on by itself instead of going to sleep mode and another issurIis if I get a call it goes straight to speakerphone. I have checked all my settings no modes on pls help it’s driving me nuts!!!

  22. BY jolly

    My flash works whenever I receive a sms. how can I stop flash?

    • BY Nik

      Goto accessibility settings, then there turn off led flashing options.

  23. BY Chris

    My note 2 is buggy as. It keeps turning off, freezing, doing a lot of weird stuff. Last Samsung I’ll ever get!




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