Smartphone Crown Of iPhone Was Stolen By Samsung Galaxy S III

The hot sell smartphone on the earth is not only the Apple iPhone. New reports suggests on Thursday by market research firm Strategy Analytics confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S III was the world’s hot selling smartphone model in the third quarter this year, winning iPhone for the first time in years. Samsung cliamed earlier this week that cumulative Galaxy S III channels’ sales reached the 30 million unit milestone and according to Strategy Analytics, 18 million of those were transported in Q3 2012. During the same period, Apple sold an estimated 16.2 million iPhone 4S, slipping into the No.2 spot for the quarter. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone shipped 18 million units worldwide in the third quarter of 2012. “The Galaxy S3 captured an impressive 11 percent share of all smartphones shipped all over the world and it has become one of the best-selling smartphone models for the first time ever. A large touchscreen design, extensive distribution across dozens of countries, and generous operator subsidies have been among the main causes of the Galaxy S3’s success. Apple shipped an estimated 16.2 million iPhone 4S units worldwide for second place, as consumers temporarily held off purchases in anticipation of a widely expected iPhone 5 upgraded at the end of the quarter.” The best iPhone replacement parts at News from


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