What are some small habits that are conducive to the maintenance of mobile phones?

According to statistics, netizens use mobile phones for more than 8 hours a day. The longer the usage time, the more important it is to maintain the mobile phone. Especially during use, mobile phones will be exposed to various environments. Using a mobile phone in some special environments will also cause a certain degree of damage to the mobile phone.


  1. High temperature environment Every summer, do you feel that your mobile phone will always become very hot? The high temperature in summer will affect the heat dissipation of the mobile phone, and it is precisely because of this that the mobile phone will become very hot in summer. And now mobile phones use lithium batteries. The chemical properties of lithium ions are very active, and they are even more active at high temperatures. Therefore, the mobile phone may cause some irreversible damage at high temperature, and it may even explode if you do not pay attention. Countermeasures Try not to watch videos, play games, etc. in a high-temperature environment that may cause the phone to heat up; in addition, try not to use the phone while charging in a high-temperature environment.



  1. Magnetic field Everyone knows that mobile phones and credit cards cannot be put together, because credit cards are magnetic cards, and putting them together may cause degaussing. If the mobile phone is exposed to the magnetic field too much, some functions of the mobile phone will be damaged. Because the mobile phone transmits sound through electromagnetic signals, under the influence of the magnetic field, it will affect the normal signal transmission of the mobile phone. If the magnetic field is too strong, the signal when making a call will be affected, and it will also cause irreversible damage to various electronic components in the mobile phone. Countermeasures Try to keep the phone away from strong magnetic items such as magnets and magnetic cards.


  3. Humidity Although the waterproof ability of mobile phones is getting better and better, Brother Shanxiu still recommends that you should not let the mobile phone enter the water. The mobile phone is not completely airtight, and some small water droplets can also take advantage of it. Once water enters, it is likely to directly burn out various precision electronic components in the mobile phone. Sometimes after a phone call, the sweat and oil on the skin may also enter the inside of the phone, causing damage to the internal wiring. Countermeasures Try not to use your mobile phone on rainy days or in humid environments such as the seaside or bathroom; if your mobile phone is flooded, you need to quickly power off and remove the battery, and dry the surface moisture to minimize the loss.


  5. Dust There are many holes and interfaces on the mobile phone, which are the internal and external contact channels of the mobile phone. And these places are also easy to accumulate a thick layer of dust. Once dust enters the mobile phone, it will not only affect the feel of the mobile phone, but also affect the performance of the mobile phone, making the mobile phone more and more difficult to use. External dust is often charged with static electricity, and it may damage the internal circuits of the mobile phone after entering the interior of the mobile phone. The countermeasure can be to regularly clean the mobile phone; use cotton swabs, alcohol, toothpicks and other tools to remove the dust in the interface. In life, it is inevitable to use mobile phones in various environments. But with a little care and proper maintenance, your phone will continue to shine.


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