Simple Steps for Samsung S10 Display Screen Replacement

Tools used:

Phillips Screwdriver

Suction cup


Hard plastic plectrum

Ultra-thin plastic sheet


Hot air gun


iPad repair tools


1. Teardown the Samsung S10 display screen

1.1 Power off the phone, take out the SIM card tray with SIM card tray eject tool


take out the SIM card tray


1.2 Hot air gun blowing the battery door on the edge and four corners, use a suction cup and a plastic plectrum or ultra-thin sheet to slice and separate the back housing


Separate the display screen from the frame


1.3 Loosen the eight Phillips screws and remove the wireless charging coil slowly with a spudger


remove the wireless charging coil


1.4 Loosen the seven Phillips screws and remove the loudspeaker module with spudger, disconnect the battery flex cable first


Remove the loudspeaker module


1.5 Pry off the front camera flex cable and remove the camera, and then the headphone jack


remove the front camera and the headphone jack


1.6 Disconnect the Display & Touch Flex cable, take off the motherboard carefully


Take off the motherboard


1.7 Remove the earpiece and vibrator with tweezers


remove the earpiece and vibrator


1.8 Take the battery with spudger, drop some pure alcohol around the batter beforehand to soften the battery adhesive glue for easy removing, clear up the adhesive glue carefully


2. Replace the display screen and install the phone

2.1 Connect the battery and the new screen flex cables, test the new screen to see if it is functioning well. Here we may go with the screen touch response, the fingerprint recognition, the light sensibility, etc.


Test the new display screen function


2.2 Disconnect the flex cables, install the earpiece and vibrator back to the flame, and then the motherboard. Make sure all these parts on the right position they used to be.


Install the earpiece and the vibrator back


2.3 Tighten the these three screws, install the front camera and the headphone jack back, then Connect the Display & Touch Flex cable


Install the front camera and earpiece back


2.4 Install the battery back and connect the flex cable, attach the battery adhesive to the battery beforehand

2.5 Place the loudspeaker module back and fixing it with the seven Phillips screws


Fixing the loudspeaker module with seven phillips screws


2.6 Cover the wireless charging coil back and tighten the eight Phillips screws


Fixing the wireless charging coil


2.7 Remove the original back cover adhesive and attach a new one on the frame

Attach the new frame adhesive


2.8 Connect and install the new display screen back, cover the battery door and slightly press the edge and each corner to make sure no gaps left


Cover the battery door and seal up the phone


3. How to replace the display screen without frame

3.1 Teardown and separate the frame from the original display screen, use an ultra-thin sheet for separation after hot air gun blowing


Teardown the display screen from the frame


3.2 Clean up the black frame adhesive and attach a new one on it

3.3 Install the new display screen onto the frame, make sure it is tightly attached with the frame

3.4 Install every part mentioned in Part 2 and cover the battery door back


Noted: The Samsung S10 will not be 100% waterproof after display screen replacement. The whole process may be a little complicated for someone who is not familiar with the mobile phone teardown. It requires patience and insistence. There are small parts and tiny screws inside the phone, make sure they are installed in the right position they used to be, don't mess up or loose the parts. 


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