Samsungs’s $58 Million Says Stylus Pens are Here to Stay

The future of the Stylus has just been set in stone as Samsung spent $58.2 million acquiring a 5% stake in Wacom, a company headquartered in Japan known for its digital drawing pads and stylus pens. The stylus pen was thought to be dead after it was completely dropped off the phone scene once PDA devices lost their market share and LCDs stopped using capacitive technology giving your fingers enough accurate for input. But Samsung’s Galaxy S3 brought the stylus back from the dead. The S Pen is now faster and more accurate than previous pens, it’s also bigger and easier to hold, and since the note is a huge device, there is lots of space for it to be stored. The new versions also offer a similar feel to a real pen by detecting different pressures with great accuracy. News from BGR


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