Samsung Sales Topping China Market in the First Quarter of 2013

News from the *Koreaherald *is reporting that “Samsung sold 12.5 million smartphones in China between January and March, accounting for an 18.5 percent market share, up 2.2 percentage points from the previous quarter.” This data implies that about 138 thousand Samsung cellphones were sold on an average day. There is no doubt that from the first 90 days in 2013, the Korean firm has beaten other rivals with positive sales data - 12.5 million with 18.5% market share in the world’s biggest smartphone market – China.

Samsung Sales Topping China Market in the First Quarter of 2013, Picture via thenextweb[/caption] The top 1 winner undoubtedly gained outstanding achievement in the past first quarter, while others lagged far behind. Huawei acquired the No.2 spot with 8.1 million devices beating Lenovo, with their 7.9 million devices sold. Chinese brand Coolpad took the fourth place with 7.1 million, followed by ZTE with 6.4 million sold. Samsung has become a massive hit in China, edging out Apple in the first quarter with only 6.1 million devices. However, the story may be different when Apple launches its iPhone 5S or lower range phones in near future to draw back some market share loss, as Apple is still very popular with the younger Chinese population. Samsung is taking the advantage of the Android platform and specializing in advanced technology on display and is stepping in to rule the smartphone market. However, there is a long way to go and competitors are just getting stronger and stronger in this market. So let’s see in the end who will really be the king of smartphones. Souce: The Korea Herald


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