Samsung GalaxyZ Flip4 vs Galaxy Z Flip3:What’s Different?

On August 10, 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 was officially released, and then the pre-sale was opened on Samsung's official website, so how is this new machine different from the Z Flip3


1.Configure the upgrade


a.Samsung Z Flip4 is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 5G mobile platform, based on TSMC 4nm process is stronger and more efficient than Samsung Z Flip3, or 8GB memory, 256GB UFS 3.1 storage, no TF card slot, bring you the sense of use of laptop performance.


b.Samsung Z Flip4 has a built-in 3700mAh battery in the body, compared with 3300mAh in the previous generation, which lasts longer. In addition, the introduction of the super accelerated charging function allows the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 to charge up to 50% in only about 30 minutes, allowing users to quickly recover from a low battery state.


c.The rear 12 million pixel dual camera module, including a 12 million pixel ultra-wide angle lens (123° wide angle of view) and a 12 million pixel wide-angle lens, front 10 million pixel selfie lens. Support for vertical free shooting system, allowing users to smoothly place the mobile phone on the desktop to take group photos, selfies and videos from different perspectives. When the user uses the secondary screen to take a selfie, the secondary screen can be previewed in real time to ensure that the portrait is in the C position. 2.Software upgrades


The Galaxy Z Flip4 has the latest One UI 4.1.1 software. A UI that enables you to do what you want the way you want. Whether it's making smooth and stable video recordings or moving seamlessly between the same project across different Galaxy devices, One UI lets you work smarter, not harder.



3.Screen upgrade


The Samsung Z Flip4 comes with a 6.7-inch (right-angle) screen on the front with ultra-thin glass. In this regard, the official also said that compared with the previous generation of materials, it is stronger and more durable, and can withstand up to 200,000 folds. In addition, a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED secondary screen is placed above the back of the fuselage, with a resolution of 512*260, which is enough to clearly present the time, date and various notification information for users on a daily basis. In addition, users can decorate their external screen with a new clock design and pictures, GIFs, videos, etc


4.Waterproof upgrade


It is worth mentioning that Samsung Z Flip4 also supports IPX8 waterproof, and the official claims that it can be easily placed in 1.5 meters of still water for 30 minutes, and it is still normal to take it out to dry



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