Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Repair Tutorial: Step-by-Step Disassembly

How to replace or fix a broken Galaxy Tab P1000 screen if it was cracked or shattered? If you are confident in your DIY repair skills, why not purchase the Tab P1000 replacement parts online, and repair the broken parts yourself to save bulk of money? In this step-by-step disassembly guide, we walk you through how to take apart Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into LCD screen assembly, battery and back cover. Also, user can learn from this Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab P1000 teardown guide to acquire the repair skills on these Galaxy Tab P1000 problems.

Galaxy Tab repair tutorials

• Repair damaged Galaxy Tab P1000 LCD screen assembly.

• Repair broken Galaxy Tab P1000 rear housing.

• Fix malfunctioned Galaxy Tab P1000 loud speaker.

• Replace damaged Galaxy Tab P1000 battery.

What tools you’ll need to disassemble/repair broken Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 parts

TweezersSafe Open Pry Tool • Small Phillips Screwdriver • Triangle Screwdriver

Step 1: Use Tweezers to remove 2 screws cover at the bottom of the Tablet

remove screws of galaxy tab

Step 2: Remove 2 screws with the help of Triangle Screwdriver

remove Galaxy P1000 screws

Step 3: Use Safe Open Pry Tool to separate the Galaxy Tab P1000 housing and LCD screen assembly. Watch out for the flex cable ribbon on the right

remove Galaxy Tab P1000 housing remove Samsung Tab P1000 tablet screenGalaxyTable P1000 LCD screen separated Step 4: Use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove the screws on the Tab P1000 housing assembly

remove Galaxy Tab P1000 screws

Step 5: Disconnect the connector with Tweezers, then remove the P1000 battery

disconnect Tab P1000 screen conectorremove Galaxy Tab P1000 battery

Step 6: Use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove 8 screws

remove Galaxy P1000 screws repair

Step 7: Open 6 connectors with the help of Safe Open Pry Tool

disconnect Tab P1000 connectors

Step 8: Lift up the motherboard of Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

remove motherboard of Galaxy Tab P1000Galaxy Tab P1000 motherboard

Step 9: These are disassembled Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 replacement parts

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 replacement parts

Click to learn How to repair Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 on Youtube and follow it step by step.


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