Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Feature Metal Body and 64-bit Processor

[caption id="attachment_4879" align="alignnone" width="300"]Galaxy S5 Could Feature Metal Body and 64-bit Processor Galaxy S5 Could Feature Metal Body and 64-bit Processor[/caption] Apple released the new iPhone 5S which sports an A7 64-bit processor two weeks ago. In order to compete with Apple, the rival Samsung was quick to reply that the company’s future handsets would also run 64-bit processors. It is obviously that the Samsung’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 could be one of them. Earlier this year geeky-gadgets reported that the follow up Galaxy S5 will be announced in the second quarter next year, and the device will be equipped with an updated processor. It seems Samsung plans to give the Galaxy S5 a more ‘premium feel’. Many rumors also said that Samsung had been in touch with the manufacturers of the metal casing for Apple’s iPad Mini. According to Taipei Times, a Taiwanese supplier called Catcher Technology is likely to produce the Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 metal casing. The report also revealed production will start in the first quarter next year, hinting the next Galaxy S model may announce sometime in the second quarter. News from Taipei Times


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