Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair Reviews

Anyone will be annoyed if their Samsung Galaxy S4 screen cracked only after a few days they got this new handset. However, complains are of no avail. The remedy is to learn how to repair the broken Galaxy S4 screen and how much to replace the S4 screen. Before we begin to review the degree of difficulty, we should first know the components of the Galaxy S4 I9500 screen.

how to repair the cracked Galaxy S4 screen


Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Technique


 The Galaxy S4 display is composed of the front glass lens and the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The touch sensor layer is integrated directly into the S4 AMOLED screen instead of overlaying on the top of the screen. The glass lens and AMOLED screen are hermetically fused together to form the Galaxy S4 display, which makes the display thinner than the ordinary one.  Therefore, if you crack the screen on the Galaxy S4, you have to either replace the S4 screen glass or the entire display assembly.


Reviews of Replacing the Screen Glass on the Galaxy S4


1)      How do I know that only the front glass needs to be replaced on my S4?

If you find your Galaxy S4 still works and the touchscreen is responsive well after the screen cracked, then you only have to replace the front glass.

2)      How difficult to replace the Galaxy S4 screen glass?

If the 5 scores are for the impossible repair, then the GS4 glass replacement scores 4. As we mentioned above, the glass lens is hermetically fused on the AMOLED screen, special tools and skills are required to separate the front glass and the AMOLED screen. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult for individual to replace the S4 front glass. If you don’t have skills of disassembling and assembling a smartphone, it’s highly recommended that you should turn to a professional or replace the entire display assembly.

3)      How much to repair the front glass on the Galaxy S4?

If you are confident that you can replace the glass lens yourself, then you only have to get a new OEM Galaxy S4 screen glass replacement part, which costs around $25, and some repair tools, including a suction cup, plastic tools, a case opening tool, and a hairdryer, etc. If you already have a hair dryer, the cost of these small tools is about $2.64. Therefore, the total amount is approximately $27.64, much cheaper than replace the entire S4 screen assembly.


Reviews of replacing the Galaxy S4 screen assembly


1)      How do I know that I have to replace the entire screen assembly on my Galaxy S4?

If you crack the entire S4 screen, the touchscreen doesn’t response when you touch it and the screen does not display pictures or images normally, then you have to replace the Galaxy S4 display assembly.

2)      How difficult to replace the Galaxy S4 screen assembly

Compared with replacing the glass lens, it’s much easier to replace the Galaxy S4 screen assembly, which scores 2 on reparability scale (5 scores for impossible repair). You can learn how to repair the screen as the tutorials of the Galaxy S4 disassembly and the GS4 assembly.

3)      How much to repair the screen assembly of the Galaxy S4?

If you’re sure you can replace the screen yourself, the only thing is to get a new Galaxy S4 screen assembly with front frame, costing about $248, and the repair tools covering a small Phillips screwdriver,  a pair of tweezers and a case opening tool, around $6.74. The total amount of repairing the cracked GS4 screen assembly is nearly $254.74, which is much more expensive than only replace the glass lens.

From the above reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair, we find that the more you spend the lower risks you’ll take. Emphasizing again, even though only the glass lens is cracked on your GS4, if you are not sure that you can replace the glass without breaking it, you’d better replace the entire screen assembly. This article is only for you reference. We’re not responsible for any damage caused during the repair replacement.

  1. BY fardous

    Add a comment…hi,my Samsung s4 inner glass has been broken.touch screen does not responds.what should I do and what will be the cost?

  2. BY mark oliver

    hi i notice when i changed my s4 amoled was not the same color as the original ones. anyone notice it?

  3. BY Missy

    My Samsung s4 screen and senor is broken.

  4. BY sudhish

    Can any one help me

    My S4 is turning slowly to black screen after it fell from my hand. but if i touches on the screen it works for example i know the location of the phone pad if i click that position i am able to make call.

    Whether i need to replace entire display


    can i know the cost of LCD Display of Samsung galaxy S4 ?



  7. BY travis

    what If the inner screen part Its broken where can I get it fixed

  8. BY ifixeditmyself

    Why do everyone say LCD. It is not LCD, it is AMOLED. There is a huge difference. it is like comparing boots with sneakers. They are both shoes, but entirely different at the same time.

    I fixed my phone btw. My glass was only broken. Spent like 20$ on a glass, including tools. I was happy, but i am having some issues with responsiveness. i had 2 have double layer with adhesive on the side, not to get the air bubble, which is a common issue.

  9. BY carter

    SO my screen is unresponsive. I know i need an assembly. I see there is a digitizer and glass for 50 $ on ebay. Will this work for me instead of spending the full 200 on the assembly?

  10. BY Amanda


    I replaced an i9505 LCD screen and digitizer assembly, no problems, all cables connected etc. The screen wont come on, when the phone is turned on it vibrates, but the screen is not working, any suggestions to what else could be wrong?

    • BY Vikki

      Your lcd is mess up some how when you took your gkass off you cracked your display. yuo need a new ine

  11. BY Abhinav Saxena

    Thanx 4 d tips I will definitely try it

  12. BY Fika


    Is the i9500 s4 lcd and digitiser compatible with a i9505 s4 unit?

    • BY alina

      Hi Fika,
      Yes, the i9500 S4 LCD screen and digitizer assembly is compatible with the i9505 S4. But please be noted that the LCD screen and digitizer assembly with front housing is not compatible.

  13. BY Erik Bray

    Thanks, this was very useful information. Looks like I need to replace my entire screen assembly, which sucks since it’ll cost almost half as much as the phone itself (though still less than replacing the entire phone!) It’s good to know that it’s easier than just replacing the glass though. I’ve replaced screens on other phones before and it looks like the S4 comes apart pretty easily so should be a piece of cake.


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