New Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial Slams iPhone

Today if you glance at the scientific website BGR, you will be attracted by a new wacky commercial video for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4. Firstly made for Iceland’s folks, the TV ad was then uploaded to Youtube earlier this week. There might be some cultural difference, so it is a natural phenomenon that many people can’t understand what is going on.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial

The commercial starts with a man sitting in the middle of a rocky trying to make a call by an authentic apple. He is seen touching the skin of the apple as if it had a touchscreen, then he holds the apple to his ear so that he can hear something. Suddenly, he becomes frustrated when he fails to do any of those things, but then a Galaxy S4 miraculously shows up in his hand and the dance goes completely. Accompanied by the weird music, the man breaks into a party routine with four dancers dressed in black and a lonely goat. At the end of the commercial, the man taking a big bite out of the apple while on his Galaxy S4, which many people think is a symbol of Samsung taking a bite out of Apple's market share. However, this commercial is not brilliant. In a way, it’s not even a great commercial, because the video does not show you the Samsung Galaxy S4’s features in an attractive way and the ad never tells you why you would want the smartphone. This Galaxy s4 commercial published by Samsung is just for fun.


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