Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming in March

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 won't look all that different from the Galaxy S3, according to a Korean newspaper. The publication, DDaily, cites ‘industry insiders’ which report Samsung doesn’t want to leave the ‘organic’ and ‘human-centric’ design of the Galaxy S3 with its latest flagship. We’re not sure how much this might affect the phone’s shape and exterior build, but it does mean it’ll keep a three-button setup rather than using on-screen controls via Android. Apparently this follows the company experimenting with a button-less configuration and finding it unsatisfactory. The phone will also not have an S-Pen stylus, contradicting previous reports, but will include contact-less gesture control, which sounds pretty nifty. The report also echoes previous rumours that Samsung will unveil the new handset in March and that we’ll probably see it in shops by sometime in April. Other rumours remain consistent: the phone will sport a 5-inch 440ppi Super AMOLED display and Samsung’s 1.8GHz Exynos 5 Octa eight-core chip, which combines a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 and quad-core Cortex-A7 chip for better efficiency and battery life. Some reports are now indicating Samsung could unveil two additional devices alongside the Galaxy S4: a Galaxy S4 Mini and a Galaxy Watch. Benchmark scores have also emerged showing what is believed to be the Galaxy S4 dominating against much of the current competition, apart from the Nexus 4. Provided Samsung doesn’t make some terrible gaffe, the Galaxy S4 is expected to be a big seller. The Galaxy S3 sold over 40 million units while the earlier Galaxy S2 model has shifted over 20 million. The Galaxy S4 will have to fend off some strong new contenders, however, as the HTC One is on the way, along with Sony’s Xperia Z and at least one other Nexus smartphone. Source: Know Your Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4


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