Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – FIRST LOOK IS HERE

The whistleblower @OnLeaks recently leaked the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S22+. Now he has once again released a rendering of the basic version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 with foreign media zouton. It is expected that this series of models will be available in early 2022.


According to the exposure photos, the S22 Ultra will adopt a right-angle frame design and built-in S Pen. Perhaps the next generation of the S series will be presented in the Note series.



According to the rendering, the Samsung S22 Ultra still uses a centered hole-digging screen design, with multiple rear cameras arranged in two vertical rows in the upper left corner of the back of the fuselage. On the left are three cameras. The camera area is convex outwards and presents an irregular "P" shape. If this design is finally adopted, the rate of return and recognition will be extremely high.


Speaking of the P-shaped camera module, Samsung is expected to demonstrate a significant improvement in camera performance through a four-camera setup and a series of sensors. Although we don't know the specific details, one of the camera sensors is looking for a periscope telephoto lens.



It is worth mentioning that the rendering shows that the S22 Ultra will support the S Pen, which is another product that supports the stylus after the S21 Ultra, but there will be a space for the S Pen at the bottom of the S22 Ultra phone.



In terms of parameter configuration, S22 Ultra will be equipped with a 6.8-inch curved display and AMOLED panel that supports 120Hz refresh rate. In terms of cameras, S22 Ultra is expected to improve camera performance through four cameras and a series of sensors, one of which is a periscope telephoto lens.



In addition, regarding the body and battery life of the three mobile phones, "i Ice Universe" revealed: Samsung Galaxy S22 mobile phone 1456×70×76mm, weight 167 grams, battery capacity 3700 mAh; Samsung Galaxy S22+ mobile phone 157.4×75.8×7.6mm, weight 195 Gram, the battery capacity is 4500 mAh; Samsung Galaxy S22Ultra mobile phone is 163.3 × 77.9 × 8.9mm, the weight reaches 228 grams, the battery capacity is 5000 mAh.


Interestingly, according to the news released earlier this month, Samsung is currently preparing to merge "Galaxy S" and "Galaxy Note" into a flagship series of products. But the final name of this new series is still unknown.



The good news is that after three generations of "baptism", Samsung is currently very optimistic about the prospects of folding screen mobile phones. Although this year's latest mobile phone of the Korean company Galaxy Z Flip3 is slightly inferior in terms of configuration, the starting price of 7,599 yuan is indeed at The price range of high-end flagship machines.


According to the latest statistics, the sales of folding screen smartphones in the second quarter of 2021 reached a record of 819,000 units, an increase of 147% from the previous quarter. DSCC analyst Ross Young said that additional growth is expected in the third quarter of this year, up 480% year-on-year to 2.6 million units, and 450% year-on-year to 3.8 million units in the fourth quarter. Young believes that Samsung's aggressive pricing strategy will create this sales miracle.


Regarding this product line adjustment that is likely to come in a few months, it seems that Samsung is more inclined to release a "regular flagship" in the first half of the year, that is, a combination of the Galaxy S + Note series, and a "folding new product" in the second half of the year. The price-based Z Fold is testing the higher-end market, and with the help of the relatively cost-effective Z Flip, it sweeps new users who are willing to try new things.



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