Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Ditch Plastic for A New Design?

The latest report from sammobile suggests that Samsung worries about its mobile devices’ design and build quality. It is well known that HTC One and Apple iPhone 5 adopt aluminum housing, something most of Samsung fans want to see. Because of the introduction of the Galaxy S4, many users begin to blame Samsung for adopting the plastic again instead of metal or aluminum. One of SamMobile’s insiders claimed that “the company is taking this criticism to heart, however, and is planning improving the build quality for its Galaxy Note III as it is supposedly “worried” about the perception that it uses second-rate materials. There are several reasons to question whether Samsung will plan to ditch plastic going forward. First of all, the plastic builds make Samsung smartphone much easier to bulk produce than rival devices and the high yields help Samsung earn much more profit. Secondly, the average users has given precisely no sign that he or she cares about plastic builds since the famous plasticky Galaxy S III sold about 40 million units in the last year. Let’s just wait! We would love to see a better build, like Samsung’s Wave series, on their Galaxy series.

News from SamMobile


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