Samsung 1080P Amoled Screen

When HTC released its HTC J Butterfly(or Droid DNA for Verizon), a 5 inches, 1080P(1920x1080 resolution) flagship this year, its rival, Samsung Electronics feels uneasy.  From the Korea media ZDNet and DDaily, Samsung is now trial-produce its Amoled 1080P screen, which will be used in its Galaxy S4 in 2013. From the sources above, it is reported that Samsung has been offered 1080P LCD display by LG and Japan Display. However, Samsung insisted on using its own manufactured Amoled screen and refused the offer. It is said that Samsung still has some difficulty in manufacturing Amoled 1080P display. Though we now step into the era of 1080P, whether such a high resolution will make any significant improvement in screen display effect is still unclear. According to the theory advanced by Apple, human eyes is unable to discern pixel over 300 ppi whereas the ppi of 1080P display will over 400. Maybe it is a waste of time and money to invest on so tiny a smartphone display.


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