Some rumors about the iPhone 15

Apple releases a new iPhone every year in September, and in May 2023, the iPhone 15 has been finalized and tested, and the iPhone 15 series is still 4 phones: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. At present, the iPhone 15 series is progressing smoothly and has begun to be produced in factories such as Foxconn. It is rumored that there will be the following updates



1.No more mute keys


The mute key is a major feature of the iPhone, and Android phones have a separate mute key. The mute key can mute the phone, can turn off the sound of mobile phone calls, mobile phone text messages, but does not turn off the alarm clock and the sound of music, video and other media, very user-friendly. Moreover, Apple's mute key is at the top left of the phone, it does not exist in the form of buttons, but toggles, which is conducive to blind operation and is very fast. However, there is reliable sources that Apple is removing the mute button.



2.Use USB-C interface


Apple's Lightning interface has always been a maverick, in recent years Android mobile phone manufacturers have popularized the USBC interface, not only forward and reverse plug-in, but also greatly improved the fast charging speed, Lightning interface not only requires a separate data cable, but also fast charging has long been outdated. The iPhone 15 series eliminated the Lightning interface and replaced the USBC interface to meet the regulatory needs of the European Union, which specified that the standard will force the use of the USBC interface in 2024, although the reason is for environmental protection and to avoid excessive charging heads. However, even if the iPhone 15 series is on the USBC interface, it does not mean that any USBC cable can be used, Apple will still encrypt, MFI certification is indispensable, no authorized USBC cable may limit data and charging speed, which is not surprising, after all, Apple MFI certification is billions of dollars a year.



3.There are changes in appearance


The iPhone 15 series middle frame part has a clear curved design, which is not available on the right angle metal middle frame models of previous generations, and is also in line with a variety of previous revelations, Apple's approach is to allow users to hold it without increasing the weight of the fuselage, the sense of holding can be better. The iPhone15 series will restart the rounded metal border of the iPhone 6 era, bid farewell to the right-angle border, and return to the classic design.



4.Dynamic Island for all models


This time, the iPhone15 is all "on the island", and you don't need to spend two thousand more to experience the spirit island. The screen size of the iPhone 15 is 6.2 inches, slightly larger than the previous generation of 6.1 inches, which may be because the border has narrowed and the screen-to-body ratio has increased, and the screen size of the iPhone 15 Plus is 6.7-6.8 inches, and the notch is replaced by a smart island. Unfortunately, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are still 60Hz screens. The 60Hz screen really should be eliminated.




5.Other aspects


The Pro version still has an exclusive high-brush screen, A17 chip, and even the iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a periscope telephoto lens for the first time, almost completely catching up with the Android high-end flagship in the past much-criticized hardware specifications, which is rare "conscience". It is reported that the iPhone 15 can be said to be the most innovative product in recent years, and its price will also rise, and the 1TB version with the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to become the most expensive iPhone in history.


So, let's look forward to the official release of the iPhone 15


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