Rumored iPad 4 Rear Housing Leaked?

With just hours to go, Apple will bring the world its new tablet iPad Mini. Beside this, what else will Apple introduce to the world has been another hot topic among people.   One day or two ago, it is rumored that the ipad 4 dock connector was leaked. This leaves a hint that Apple is also possible give people some news about its next generation of iPad—iPad 4.   What will the rumored iPad 4 look like? Today, we got some photos which are likely to be part of the iPad 4. iPad 4 Rear Housing_1 iPad 4 Rear Housing_2 iPad 4 Rear Housing_3 iPad 4 Rear Housing_4 iPad 4 Rear Housing_5 From the above pictures of rear housing, we can see that, the position of power button, volume key, mute button, rear facing camera and speaker remain the same as previous generation iPad 3. But the only thing different from iPad 3 is that the dock connector changes to the 9-pin connector. Could this be the component of iPad 4? Can we get the answer hours later? Let’s wait to see All the pictures in the artircles are original. If copy,please mark the derivation. From iPhone5parts More Apple Parts:  


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