How to Replace the Samsung Galaxy S20 Charging Port PCB Board


The Samsung Galaxy S20’s charging port PCB board is a swappable part, which is installed on the bottom side, beneath the loudspeaker bottom bracket. As long as we tear down the back battery house, the wireless charging coil and the loudspeaker bottom bracket as well, we are able to take down the PCB charging port and replace a new one on it. Here are the details of the steps, let’s go start and do it.


1. Tear down the battery door and remove the wireless charging coil

 1.1 Turn off the Samsung phone, eject and take out the Samsung S20 SIM card tray


turn off the phone and take out the SIM card tray


 1.2 Use hot air gun to blow the back housing on the edge and each corner for easy to separation


hot air gun blowing on the back housing


 1.3 Pry and separate the back housing, flip over and remove it


flip and remove the back housing


 1.4 Unbolt the 11 Phillips screws for fixing the wireless charging coil, disconnect the BTB interface cable then remove the charging coil


unbolt the eleven screws and remove the wireless charging coil


2. Replace the Samsung S20 charging port PCB board

 2.1 Loosen and remove the five Phillips screws for fixing the loudspeaker bracket, then remove the bracket


Loosen the five screws and remove the loudspeaker bracket


 2.2 Disconnect the battery cable, the Samsung SUB main flex cable, and the antenna flex cable. Remove the flexes away


disconnect the flex cables


 2.3 Unbolt the three screws for fixing the charging port PCB board, then take off and remove it


take off the charging port PCB board


 2.4 Install a new charging port and PCB board on the phone, fixing it with the screws


install the new charging port PCB board to the phone


3. Assemble the phone and test the charging port

 3.1 Connect the SUB flex and antenna flex to the new Samsung S20 charging port PCB board   


connect the SUB main flex cable to the new charging port


 3.2 Assemble the loudspeaker bracket back and fixing it with the five screws


Assemble the loudspeaker bracket back


 3.3 Install the Samsung wireless charging coil back and fix it with the eleven Phillips screws


Install the wireless charging coil back


 3.4 Assemble the back housing back and insert the SIM card tray


Assemble the Samsung S20 back housing


 3.5 Turn on the Samsung S20 phone and plug the USB charger to check if the new replaced charging port is normal


Turn on the Samsung S20 phone and test the charging port


In the end, we have to mention some notice during the repair process. The Samsung back housing is easy to damage, just be careful while slicing and separating it. There are three flex cables on connected on the PCB board, don’t forget to connect the flexes back when reassembling the phone. The battery cable should be disconnect first and lastly connect it back, don’t miss the orders. For more questions about Samsung repair, please leave your comment below or contact us via email. Besides, you may also come to Etrade Supply for new replacements parts for Samsung Galaxy S20 if you are interested.




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