How to Replace Samsung Galaxy A30s LCD Display Screen?

Tools Required:

 1.2mm Phillips screwdriver


 Steel Pry tool

 Suction cup

 Ultra-thin steel sheet


 SIM card tray ejection tool

 Hot air gun


Step 1: Teardown the phone and separate the battery door  

 1.1 Power off the phone, eject and take out the Samsung SIM card tray from the phone


take out the SIM card tray


 1.2 Use the hot air gun to blow on the back panel on 80 ℃ to soften the back panel gum sticker for easy separation


use hot air gun blowing the back panel


 1.3 Use a suction cup and ultra-thin steel sheet to slice and separate the back panel, just be careful and don’t break it


use ultra-thin steel sheet to slice and separate the back penal


Step 2: Take down the internal parts from the broken display frame

 2.1 Snap off and remove the 14 screws, and separate the middle frame from the phone with the spudger 


snap off the 14 screws and remove the middle frame


 2.2 Disconnect the battery connector and the main to SUB board flex cable with spudger gently and carefully, don’t break the flex


disconnect the SUB board flex and the battery flex cable


 2.3 Disconnect the antenna wire and loosen the motherboard screws, take down the motherboard with tweezers slowly


disconnect the antenna wire cable and remove the motherboard


 2.4 Disconnect and remove the ear speaker and Samsung vibration motor with tweezers from the display frame


remove the vibration motor and the ear speaker


2.5 Loosen the screw, then disconnect and remove the in-display screen fingerprint sensor from the SUB board


remove the fingerprint sensor from the SUB board


2.6 Snap off the screw and take down the SUB board from the display frame


take down the SUB board


 2.7 Use the battery adhesive melted glue to dissolve the battery sticker, then use the steel pry tool to pry out and remove the battery from the broken display frame


pry off the battery from the display frame


Step 3: Reinstall the parts on the new LCD display screen frame

 3.1 Unpack the new Samsung Galaxy A30s LCD display screen, tear off the protective tape from it; Install the SUB board first on the new screen, then the fingerprint sensor. Tighten the screws for fixing it


install the SUB board and the fingerprint sensor onto the new screen


 3.2 Install the motherboard on the new display screen frame  

 3.3 Past the battery adhesive tape and install the battery on the new display

 3.4 Connect the antenna wire and the SUB board flex from the SUB board to motherboard and then connect the battery flex cable

 3.5 Install the middle frame and tighten the 14 screws for fixing it. Gently press the edge and each corner of the frame, make sure it is no gap left, then tighten the twelve screws for fixing the frame  


Step 4: Reassemble the battery door  

 4.1 Past the Samsung frame adhesive around the edge

 4.2 Install the back panel on the phone, slightly press around the edge and each corner to make sure it is tightly stick on the frame

 4.3 Insert the SIM card tray. Turn on the phone and test the new display screen


Notice: The whole process above is practiced under the hands of our professional repair colleague. If you are not familiar with the Samsung phone teardown process, we suggest you go to the repair shop. The phone will not be 100% waterproof after the display screen replaced, just be careful on using it. Any questions about the procedure of our steps, please leave your comments below. You may also go to our online store for Samsung Galaxy A series LCD display screen, we are sure you will find what you need in our shop.



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