How to Replace iPhone XR Front Face Camera?

The front-facing camera is an important part of iPhone XR. You can’t unlock your phone via face ID function if there are problems with the front-facing camera. You need to have the front-facing camera replaced with a new one if it is damaged. Here Etrade Supply technique team shows you how to replace your Apple iPhone XR integrated front face camera.


1. Display screen teardown


This is step has been mentioned times on the previous iPhone model teardown presentation before. Details of the process refer to iPhone XR display screen replacement. Just be careful about the display screen because this is an easy breakable part. Heat up the edge for it is easier to tear down. Unscrew the two Philip screws and seven Y screws as the picture below, and then remove the brackets. Disconnect the battery first, then the display flex, touch flex, and ear speaker flex. Don’t mix up the order.


display screen teardown iPhone XR internal screws


2. Remove the battery


When the iPhone XR display screen assembly is torn down, remove the battery from the back housing. Firstly, we need to disconnect the flexes. Use tweezers to pull out the battery adhesive slowly. Soften the adhesive by hot air gun blowing would make it easier to pull out. Pry out the battery with a spudger.


remove the iPhone XR battery


3. Remove the front camera module


After the battery is removed from the back housing, the next step is to remove the front camera module. Disconnect the flex firstly. It is easy to take out the front camera.


remove the iPhone XR battery


4. Install the new front-facing camera


After the original broken camera with the module is moved out, it is time to install the new one on it. Lock up the new camera module under the clip on the upright side corner, carefully readjust the place to make sure the module is on the right place. Connect the flex at last.


install the new front facing camera


5. Test the front camera


We have to test the new front camera after its installation. Connect the flexes back, the ear speaker flex first, then the display flex, the touch flex, and the battery on the last. Don’t mix up the order. Screw the brackets back. When the internal flex is connected, turn on the phone and test the functions like front camera light sensor, the charging port, and the screen touch sensor. Make sure all the functional parts are normal.


test the iPhone XR new camera


6. Install the battery back


Test the new front camera function if it is ok, then install the battery inside the phone. Disconnect the iPhone XR display screen assembly and pry out the battery. Paste the battery adhesive on up and down on the side of the battery, tear up the protector screen and make the adhesive stick well on the battery. Place the battery back and connect the flex.


install the iPhone XR battery


7. Install the display screen


When all the steps above are completed, install the display screen assembly back and seal up the phone. The whole process of iPhone XR front-facing camera replacement is done.


install the display screen back


These are all about iPhone XR front-facing camera replacement. It’s not complicated if you follow these steps with carefulness and patience, but you have to get all the required tools ready first. If you are confident about yourself, you can have a try. Etrade Supply has original Apple iPhone XR flex cable ribbon and small parts in stock, as well as smartphone repair tools. Please contact us on if you are interested. We will share more about iPhone repair tips with you next time, please stick on our blog.



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