How to Replace iPad Pro 10.5” Touch Screen and Digitizer Assembly

Tools required:

Phillips screwdriver

Hard plastic triangle plectrum



Steel pry tool

Hot air gun


iPad repair tools


Step 1: Tear down and separate the iPad Pro 10.5 touch screen and digitizer assembly

1.1 Turn off the iPad, hot air gun blowing on the screen edge to soften the frame adhesive glue, then use a thin steel pry tool to make a gap between the screen and the frame


use pry tool to separate the iPad screen


1.2 Use hard plastic triangle plectrum to slice around the gap slowly, you may need three or more plectrums here


use plastic plectrum to separate the iPad screen


1.3 When the display screen is separated, slowly pry up it from the frame on the top side


pry up the iPad screen after it is separate


1.4 Hold the screen with a hand, loosen the two screws on the metal bracket, and then remove the metal bracket which covered on the flex cables with tweezers


loosen the two phillips screws and remove the bracket


1.5 Disconnect the four flex cables when the bracket is away, and then you may take down the display screen assembly


disconnect the screen flex cables and take of the display screen


Step 2: Replace iPad Pro 10.5 LCD touch screen and digitizer assembly

2.1 Take down the home button from the old display screen

 2.11 Tear up the small piece of black tape on the home button with tweezers


 tear up the small tape on the screen


 2.12 Release the connector by slicing out the flex cable with spudger


release the home button connector with spudger


 2.13 Disconnect the two adhesive gobs with spudger which is for holding the home button and touch ID, pry it up from the front panel. Be careful and don’t damage the flex

 2.14 Remove the home button and the touch ID assembly from the screen with spudger


remove the home button from the screen


2.2 Install the home button and Touch ID assembly to the new screen, connect the bracket back to fix the home button


install the home button to the new screen


2.3 Connect back the home button flex cable with tweezers and paste the small piece of black adhesive back


connect the home button flex cable back


Step 3: Reinstall the iPad Pro 10.5 screen and reassemble the device

3.1 Attach a new adhesive frame sticker around the edge of new iPad screen and digitizer assembly


attach a new adhesive frame sticker on the new screen


3.2 Connect the four screen flex cables back


connect the screen flex cables back


3.3 Cover the metal bracket back for fixing the flex cables and screw back the two Phillips screws


cover the metal bracket and fasten the two screw back


3.4 Gently and slowly attach the display screen on the frame, slightly press each corner and the edge, and make sure there are no gaps


reassemble the iPad display screen back


3.5 Turn on the device and check the new-replaced screen about the touch sensitiveness and App response. All process is done!


turn on the iPad and test the new screen


Note: the whole process will be a little complicated for someone who not familiar with mobile device repair. We suggest you go to the Apple authorized service center or the repair shop if you are not confident about yourself. Just be patient and careful if you are taking the process on it.


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