How to Reassemble the Galaxy Note II Parts

Many people report their Galaxy Note II loud speaker, screen, covers or other parts are easily damaged. For example, the Note II loudspeaker suffers distorted sound or malfunctioning ringtone; the Galaxy Note II screen smashed or cracked; or improper cellphone usage causes front housing, middle frame or back cover scratched. If you are experiencing any of these cases, you can have your cellphone professionally repaired or replaced in a repair shop. But it is not difficult to DIY repair the Samsung Galaxy Note II. So why not repair the broken Note II parts by yourself to save a bunch of money?

Galaxy Note II reassembly guide

 This tutorial of How to Tear down the Galaxy Note II provides professional and useful repair guides to handle common Note II repair problems. When you replace the damaged cellphone parts, we highly recommend using high-quality and genuine parts for replacement. ETrade Supply has gained a great reputation for its rapid supply for high-quality cellphone parts with reasonable price. Following this Samsung Note II reassembly guide, you will find links to the exact parts you need for the Samsung Galaxy Note II repair process here. Note 2 repair Tools

What you will need to reassembly a Galaxy Note II

Small Philips Screwdriver


1) Reinstall the front camera and proximity sensor.

 Note 2 front camera

install front camera

 cover sensor of Note 2

Cover it with a metal shield and fasten it with a screw.

 fasten the sensor screw of Samsung Note 2

2) Reinstall the earphone and head phone jack, fasten it with a screw.

 install Samsung earphone part

3) Install the vibrating motor and power button.

 Install the Galaxy Note II vibrating motor

4) Put back the antenna and fasten it with a screw. Install Note II antenna

5) Install the USB board and another long antenna. install another Note II antenna

 6) Install the SIM card and SD card reader contact and rear facing camera on the motherboard. Install the SIM card and reader contact put back rear facing camera of Note II

7) Install the motherboard, fasten it with a screw and connect all connectors. put back the motherboard

8) Install the loud speaker module and fasten it with a screw. Install the loud speaker module

9) Install the rear housing, fasten it with 11 screws. install Samsung Galaxy Note II rear housing

10) Put on the S pen, battery and battery door. put back Galaxy Note II battery and battery doorgalaxy Note II battery cover

The Samsung Galaxy Note II assembly job is finished. You can check our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Assembly YouTube Video to assemble the Note II device step by step. Samsung Galaxy Note II repair

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