How to Protect Your Cellphone on the Beach This Summer

The summer is finally here, and where’s the place you want to go the most? The Beach? YES! It’s also my favorite place in the summer. However, while you may be obsessed with enjoying the ocean, sand and sunshine, you phone doesn’t. So what should you do to protect your phone while on the beach? By following these tips you can enjoy your beach time without worrying your phone.

1. Prepare Before Setting Out

A. Waterproof Bag

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This may be the cheapest way to protect your phone. Bring a waterproof bag like a plastic bag, you can put the phone in the bag and place it somewhere safe while enjoying the sun and sea.  For those who want to keep their phones nearby, then this is probably not the best choice.

B. Multifunctional Quality Case

The case should be multifunctional and be of good quality, that is waterproof, dirt proof and shock proof. With as case like this, you won’t have to worry that water or sand will ruin your phone. However, it’s hard to pick the best one since there are so many cases out there. We would advise you to always get a branded case that probably costs a little bit more. Think about your phone, it will be worth it. If you have an iPhone 5, you can consider our iPhone 5 protective case. As to the quality, you can watch our iPhone 5 waterproof case test.

C. Insure Your Cellphone

Most cellphone providers or insurance companies have insurance options. You could spend a few dollars per month and choose the options you need, like water damage, accidental loss, etc.

2. On the Beach

A. Keep Your Cellphone in the Shade

You might love staying in the sun, but your cellphone doesn’t. Your cellphone could be damaged if exposed to extreme heat, and especially the battery. Temperatures on the beach is very high during the summer, so keep your cellphone out of the sun and heat, and put it in a bag or your pocket, or even better just leave your phone at home or in a locker.

B. Keep Sunscreen off Your Cellphone

The ingredients in the sunscreen could damage the plastic or the screen. Make sure to wipe your hands before touching the cellphone after applying sunscreen.

Leave your comments if you have more tips to share on how to protect your cellphone on the beach.

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