Full Process Presentation on iPad Air 4 Teardown

Tools Needed:

 Screw Driver-Phillips

 Ultra-thin plastic sheet

 Thin metal sheet

 Suction cup


 Metal steel prying tool

 Separation heating station


Step 1: Tear down the display screen


1.1 Power off the iPad, place it on the separation heating station with 80℃ heating on the display screen for 2-3 minutes



1.2 Use suction cup to pull the screen and make a small gap, then insert and slice around the screen with ultra-thin plastic sheet to separate the screen


Use thin plastic sheet slicing to separate the iPad screen


1.3 Flip over aside after the screen is separated, unbolt the three screws and take off the metal panel for fixing the screen flex cables


unbolt the screws for fixing the flex cables


1.4 Disconnect the flex cables and take off the screen after it is fully separated


Flip over the screen aside and separate the screen


Step 2: Tear down the logic board and the small parts


2.1 Unbolt the screw and take off the metal shield, disconnect and take off the front camera


take off the iPad front camera


2.2 Unbolt the screw on the battery connector shield, pry and disconnect the battery connector with the metal prying tool


Pry and disconnect the battery connector


2.3 Tear off the motherboard protect tape with tweezers, then take off the metal shield panel with prying tool


Pry and take off the metal panel on main board


2.4 Unplug the magnetic connector on the motherboard, disconnect the loudspeaker connector on the bottom side of the mainboard, and so as the signal flex cables on the top side, too


disconnect the cables on the main board


2.5 Unbolt the screw and remove the metal shield for fixing the rear camera and the fingerprint sensor flex cables, then disconnect the cables


disconnect the rear camera and touch id flex cables


2.6 Unbolt the seven Phillips screws on the filler, pry up the antenna flex and then take off the filler with prying tool


take off the filler


2.7 Unbolt the two screws for fixing the charging port on the bottom, take off the filler from the charging port flex and then pry up the iPad charging port flex with prying tool


Pry up the charging port flex


2.8 Place the iPad onto the separation heating station, heating with 65℃ for 2-3 mins


place the iPad onto the separation heating station again


2.9 Use thin metal sheet to pry and take down the main board slowly from the back cover


Pry and take off the main board


Step 3:  Tear down the battery and other small parts


3.1 Unbolt the nine screws for fixing the coaxial signal flex, then pry and take off the top loudspeaker


Take off the top loudspeaker


3.2 Unbolt the screws, pry and take down the coaxial signal flex


Take off the coaxial signal flex


3.3 Use metal prying tool to take down the bottom loudspeaker


Take off the bottom loudspeaker


3.4 Take off the side cushion, unbolt the four screws and take off the iPad rear camera


take off the iPad 4 rear camera


3.5 Take down the side button flex, unbolt the screws and also take down the fingerprint touch ID button with tweezers


Take off the iPad 4 touch id sensor


3.6 Place the back cover onto the separation heating station again, heating it with 60℃ for 2-3 minutes


Place the iPad back cover onto the heating station


3.7 Use a thin metal sheet to slice and separate the iPad Air battery from the back cover


Take off the iPad 4 battery


3.8 Classify the teardown parts, screws, and components


Classify the iPad 4 parts and components


Notice: The iPad Air 4 has a complicated internal structure, which contains too many small parts and components inside. We need to be careful with the classification of the parts and screws. For any questions about the iPad Air 4 teardown procedure above, please leave your comments. Furthermore, you may check our iPad Air LCD screen and digitizer and small parts in our shop if you are looking for iPad repair tools and components. Contact us if you have interests.



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