Practical skills, how to deal with the water and heat of the mobile phone?

When it comes to mobile phones, most people can’t miss them now! Work and life are inseparable, and absorbents must be taken with them; meals must also be checked for news, Moments, and watching TV series...   No matter what happens, you never know what will happen in the next moment! For example, if your phone gets wet...       Most people are wrong about how to deal with water ingress in mobile phones. Let me tell you the correct way to deal with it!    

Step 1: three do not do

  1. Charging, short circuit will burn more mobile phone parts   2. Shake, don't shake, avoid large areas of water   3. Disassemble the machine by yourself. If you are not professional, it is recommended not to do it yourself.    

Step 2: Shut down

  Turn off the machine before water enters and cut off the power supply! Protect the main board! Anyway, protect the main board!    

Step 3: Wipe the phone dry and leave it for a period of time

  Use a towel, cotton swab or other water-absorbing substances to quickly wipe the phone's earphone hole, charging port, etc., and place it in a ventilated place for 3-5 hours.   Of course, the above methods are all for short-term water ingress, and it is recommended to go to Lightning Repair for long-term water ingress~

So how to deal with the phone heat?


Method 1: Clean up background running programs

  Too many background programs will cause the phone to overheat. In fact, many programs are still running silently in the background after exiting.   Open the phone [Settings], find [More Settings] → [Privilege Management] → [Permissions], and turn off the [Auto-start] of infrequently used software. (Apple phones are different from Android phones, you can set them in the settings according to your own phone)    

Method 2: Do not play games while charging

  Charging the mobile phone will heat up slightly. If you charge while playing games, the mobile phone will become an "upgraded warm baby".   There is also the use of inferior chargers, which not only damage the mobile phone, but also pose a safety hazard, or the battery has not been replaced for a long time.


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