Nokia Lumia 928 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly Leaked!

Just a couple of days ago, a series of Lumia 928 pictures have been exposed via @evleaks Twitter account, which looks very similar to Nokia Lumia 920, but with Verizon logo on top. These leaked photos fit in the previous report, indicating the existence of Nokia Lumia 928. Luckily, Etrade Supply once again get the part of Nokia Lumia 928 before release. Here are some photos we've taken and let's see what improvements Nokia has made to its new phone. At the first glance of these two different digitizer and LCD screen assembles, you will find that the Lumia 928's digitizer and LCD screen assembly looks slimmer than Lumia 920, cause it's 5 mm taller than 920's digitizer and LCD screen assembly. Though Lumia 928's screen is taller, the display area is still the same as Lumia 920, a 4.5 inches display. Another difference you can figure out is that the microphone phone of Lumia 928 is at the bottom of the screen, while that on Lumia 920 is at the bottom side of the phone.   when we turn the assembles around, we can easily find out the main difference of these two screens. The LCD screen of Nokia Lumia 920 is and LCD screen, while the LCD screen of Nokia Lumia 928 is and AMOLED screen made by Samsung. We don't know why Nokia quits the IPS screen they used for Lumia 900, but what we know is that the AMOLED screen is much lighter and thinner than IPS screen, which means the space left can be used for larger battery. As the release date of Nokia Lumia 928 is just around the corner, We will keep an eye on that and share the latest parts and news with you.


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