Google Nexus 4 Repair Guide: Step-by-Step Reassembly Instructions

Running Android 4.2.2 operation system, Nexus 4 is designed by Google and produced by LG Electronics. Google’s fourth smartphone of its Nexus series has attracted a plenty of young groups by its fashionable design of special dotted glitter pattern. However, it is also named an easy-broken handset. When you unfortunately have your Nexus 4 broken, you can repair it by yourself following Nexus 4 Teardown Tutorial. Also, this Nexus 4 reassembly tutorial will be helpful for you. Nexus 4 Parts

Tools Needed

1) T5 torx screwdriver

2) A Pair of Small Philips Screwdriver

3) Tweezer

Nexus 4 Tools

1)    Assemble the side keys to the Nexus 4 LCD screen and digitizer assembly. Assembly Nexus 4 Side Key1Nexus 4 Side Keys2)    Install the rear facing camera and head phone jack of Nexus 4. install Nexus 4 Rear-facing CameraNexus 4 head phone jack3)    Install the front facing camera on the motherboard. Nexus 4 front-facing Camera4)    Reinstall the antenna and motherboard and connect all connectors. Nexus 4 antennainstall Nexus 4 Motherboard5)    Assemble the charging port flex cable. Nexus 4 charging port flex cable6)    Connect the antenna. Connect Nexus 4 Antenna7)    Install the Nexus 4 loud speaker module and rear housing. install Nexus 4 loud speaker module Nexus 4 rear housing install Nexus 4 Rear Housing8)    Fasten the Nexus 4 rear housing with 13 screws. fasten Nexus 4 rear housing9)    Reinstall the battery door and fasten it with 2 screws. fasten Nexus 4 battery door10) Insert Nexus 4 SIM Card. Plug in Nexus 4 SIM Card

11) Turn on Nexus 4.

Open Nexus 4

Please follow Nexus 4 Reassembly Video step by step to finish the job.


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