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Today we are going to discuss one of the new parts of iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 glass lens. In order to make it clear, we have taken the iPhone 4S glass lens for comparison. Let’s see below:
First of all let’s see the display screen. From the picture, we can see that the iPhone 5 glass lens is 90.25mm long, 51.60mm wide, while iPhone 4S is 76.65mm and 51.60mm. The display area enlarges from 3.61 inches to 4.065 inches. The LCD screen can be a little smaller, and that will be around 4 inches. What’s important, the resolution ratio of iPhone 5 glass lens is around 16:9, which will be a big change for iPhone.
Second, though the material of iPhone 5 glass lens remains the same as iPhone 4S, from the picture we can find that the iPhone 5 glass lens is a 0.1mm thinner than the iPhone 4S one. What message does this leave to us? Will iPhone 5 give us a fresh visual shock?
Third, from this lateral view, we can see that the transmittance of iPhone 5 glass lens is higher than that of iPhone 4S.
Fourth, the camera hole of iPhone 5 glass lens moves from the left side to the right middle above the receiver. This position for iphone 5 front facing cameras might allow people to take photo more comfortably. Besides, compared to iPhone 4S, the camera hole on iPhone 5 glass lens narrows a little bit. Does this mean the iPhone 5 front facing camera will be smaller? Fifth, the light sensor hole moves from the top to the left side of receiver. Also, it becomes very small. What can we learn from this? Probably Apple has found a new way to increase the sensitiveness.
Sixth, the diameter of home button hole of iPhone 5 glass lens is narrowed 0.3mm. That is to say the iPhone 5 home button will become smaller and the iPhone 4S home button will not fit for iPhone 5.
Seventh, the area around the home button of iPhone 5 glass lens also narrows down. Does this leave a hint that the loud speaker of iPhone 5 might become smaller?
Eighth, viewing from the back side, there is not much difference between the iPhone 5 glass lens and the iPhone 4S’, both with a QR code on the top left corner. From all the above personal analysis of iPhone 5 glass lens, we can conclude that Apple has adapted several details on the design of the glass lens. Whether this iPhone 5 glass lens will come out on the final Apple iPhone 5, let’s just wait until the release date. We will keep focusing on any news of iPhone 5. Anyone with any thoughts about iPhone 5 can share with us. We sincerely thank all of you for your attention and support to Hope you can enjoy this forum. The Article from More info about iPhone 5 :
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