The New HTC One M8 Repairability Review

The HTC One M8 is new and stunning by the upgraded Quad-core 2.3 GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB RAM, 5 inches display, dual rear facing cameras and flash plus 16 or 32 GB on-board storage up to 128 GB via microSD. The first-gen HTC One is awarded the worst repairability score. The score is 1 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair). So what is the HTC One M8’s reparability after the design improvements and refinement on the original HTC One M7?

The New HTC One is regarded as the second-least-repairable smartphone and it is merely difficult or even nearly impossible to disassemble it without destroying it. Its repairability score is 2, which means repairing the HTC One M8 should be very tough. But if you are confident about your DIY repair still and want to challenge yourself, ETrade Supply is always your best parts supplier to get the original or new HTC One M8 replacement parts.

Although the improved solid external construction of HTC One M8 makes it to be more durable, it is very difficult to open it without damaging the case. Also, the new HTC One’s battery is stilled placed beneath the motherboard and fixed firmly by a tape, just like the first-gen HTC One, which will make it easier to be broken when replacing the battery. Another demerit is the new HTC One display assembly. It is hermetically attached and cannot be replaced without removing the rear case, so it requires special equipment and tunneling to open it by professional technicist. The last hinder is the copper shielding on many components, which increases the difficulty to remove the related HTC One M8 parts for replacement.

Despite of all these difficulties on repairing the new HTC One M8, we are still trying our best to get a new HTC One to teardown it and test it. Will you plan to buy a new HTC One M8 after knowing the difficult reparability. Share your ideas with us in the following comments.

  1. BY Juan Alpizar

    Is there any risk of break it by just replacing the aluminum body? it got some scratches after falling in concrete, but the whole phone works good, I’d just like to replace the body for a new one to get rid of scratches


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