Motorola Droid Razr XT910/ XT912 Repair Tutorial

Incautiously break your Motorola Droid Razr XT910 or XT912? Not covered by the warranty? Ripped off by third party repair shop? If you are skillful and meticulous enough, fix your broken phone can save your bulks. But keep in mind, this process will surely valid your warranty.

Tools needed: Safe Open Pry Tool, T4 Screwdriver, T3 Screwdriver

1. Use Safe Open Pry Tool to pry up the camera lens which is hold by double tape adhesive.

2. Remove the screw under the camera lens by using T3 screwdriver

3. Use the edge of Safe Open Pry Tool to left the battery door.

4. Use T3 screwdriver to remove 6 screws showed in the picture.

5. After release these 5 screws, the battery can be released.

6. Thrust the Safe Open Pry Tool into the gap between middle plate and LCD assembly to pry up the middle plate.

7. Remove the metal frame by unscrew 2 screws

8. Disconnect these 3 connectors then remove the front camera.

9. Pry out the bracket module

10 . Carefully left up the metal shield then disconnect 3 connectors beneath.

11. Separate the motherboard from the LCD assembly.

Here attached the disassembly video

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