THE Moto X Video Got Leaked and Confirmed August Release

These days, lots of rumors and teases have been surrounding the Motorola Moto X all over the world. Yesterday, a video leaked from Roger Wireless gave us the first look of the device. It shows that the Motorola and Google co-branded phone focus much on high user experience.

Leak Picture of Motorola Moto X

Among the new features, the most famous one is that, as shown at the Google I/O this year, the device can support hands-free voice commands. The phone will always be ready to receive voice instruction and users just need to start with the phrase “OK Google Now…” Then the phone will be able to answer you any normal Google Now command without you ever needing to touch the phone. People are really excited about this pioneering feature. However, the battery life will be the main issue to worry about because the device has to waste energy to keep this service going all the time. The promo video has also confirmed the release date in August, but until this article is written, the video has been hidden. Let’s keep waiting for one more month and see the official announcement.  


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