MindRDR: the First App to Take Pictures without Hands or Voices

mindrdr The Google Glass, which displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format and enables people to communicate with the Internet through voice commands, has been come out for some time. This is an impressive progress in technology, however, the innovation never ends. Recently, a new technology has been introduced to control your wearable device without any touches or voices. MindRDR, as the name indicates it is a mind reader, is controlled by mind rather than touch or voice. The MindRDR is composed of a Google Glass and a Neurosky MindWave Mobile, allowing users to take pictures and socialize them on Facebook or Twitter without any physical interaction required. According to the official introduction, the current version of MindRDR uses commercially available brain monition to extract core metrics from the mind and build up session information, then presents the details of your performance. When using the MindRDR, users must concentrate till a horizon line moves to the top of Google Glass display, then move the line to the top again after capturing the picture, then share it with your facebook or twitter account. If users don’t want the picture, just relax to let the line drop to the bottom of the display, then start again. Here in below, you can see the full video introduction about MindRDR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQZtxlLaG0 Source: http://mindrdr.thisplace.com/static/index.html#


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