Microsoft’s New Ad Campaign. “We are Better, Trust Us.”

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Microsoft doesn't stand a chance competing with Google when it comes to search engines. They know that. Microsoft does however stand a chance at someday catching up with Android or Apple in the OS market. And they know this too. So they have one product with a potentially good future and one without, but why are they promoting them the same way? Microsoft’s new ad campaign seems to be “because we said so”. The Bing commercials show happy people somehow comparing their random searches and saying “Bing is better”. This has never ever been the case with anything anyone has ever searched. We all know that. Now some new commercials promoting Windows Phone are kind of saying the same thing. They compare with other phones and say “Ours is better, and some people also said so.” But unlike Bing a lot of people actually do like Windows OS more. To use the same marketing style with both Bing and Windows Phone, Microsoft might be shooting themselves in the foot. Bing is horrible, while Windows Phone actually stands a chance. So using the “because we said so” strategy with both may actually be scaring away new potential users from switching to Windows Phone OS. Not being a shareholder in Microsoft, I couldn't care less, I just thought of this point after seeing their latest (pretty funny) commercial, check it out below.

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