LG Dual-Blending Screen: Curve-Display Time Is Coming ?

Do you still remember the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge showed in IFA 2014, the first curve-display cellphone? In CES 2015, LG introduced a new panel that bends on both sides. The eternal battle between these 2 tech giants starts in the curve-display. The new LG screen showed in CES 2015 is a 6 inches Active Bending OLED display. It can alert notifications on the side bars to its users. Imagine that, when you are playing games, the notification on the side bar shows your girlfriend comments on your posts. But it’s also has short comings that the resolution is only 1280*720 and brightness is 300 nits.

As we all know, the bigger display a cellphone has, the higher risk it will be crashed. What’s more, it’s not hard to imagine when the phone with a dual-blending display drop on the ground, the touch point is more likely to be shattered.

LG Display hasn’t yet set up a roadmap to manufacture this new panel. However, the dual-blending panel seems to be a symbol that predicts more and more curve-display phone will come out in the future. As Moore said in the CES 2015, “Whatever has been done can be outdone”, let’s stay tuned and see.


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