Lenovo to Buy Motorola Mobility for USD 2.9 Billion

On Wednesday, Lenovo said that it has reached an agreement with Google to buy the Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion, which reveals that Google will stay focused on the Android ecosystem instead of manufacturing mobile devices. google-ceo-larry-page-with-lenovo-ceo-after-motorola-sale In 2012, Google paid $12.4 billion for Motorola for its handset devices production service and its mobile patents. In this deal, Google keeps the vast majority of the mobile patents which can help to defend the Android ecosystem from patents lawsuits from other tech giants such as Microsoft and Apple. Google’s stock price was immediately up around 2% shortly after the announcement of the deal. Stay tuned as we may get more on it.
  1. BY Elijah Kiama

    Levono has a big task of reviving Motorola to the position it was before.


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