Largest Size iPad Mockup Leaks


Last week, a Japanese magazine named Mac Fac released possible schematics of an “iPad Air Plus” or perhaps “iPad Air Pro”, showing that this larger iPad features a 12.2inch display. Now, a Youtuber user Canoopsy launched a video to compare this iPad Air Plus mockup with other apple devices.

From the video, we can see that the iPad Air Plus dimensions are 12’’ X 8.7”, much larger when compared with other iPhone or iPad devices. However, this yet-to-be released tablet almost reaches the same size display when compared with the 13-inch size of the Mac Book Pro.

Like what Canoopsy mentioned in his video, maybe the iPad Air Plus is created for education or work rather than entertainment. The iPad Air Plus is also said to sport a new A9 processor, dual top and bottom speakers for improved audio.

All in all, this giant tablet is rumored to will be launched between April and June of 2015. How will this rumor turn out, let’s stay tuned and see.



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