Is Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

With the development of new technology, more and more smartphone companies have begun to produce phones with curved displays. The world’s first curved display cellphone introduced to the public was the LG G Flex, which featured a flexible display and a self-healing battery cover. Following LG’s device is the Samsung Note Edge, which sports a curved screen on the edge of the device, and more recently the latest curved display phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with dual curved screens on both edges. Now the Galaxy S6 Edge looks great, but does it work great? Is it worth a purchase? Let’s discuss that now.



The curved edges of the screen enables quick access to information, direct receipt of notifications, and it gives users the ability to express their personality with different colors and effects. And with the swipe of a thumb, you gain quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and device functionality even when the cover is closed, and all that sounds grand.


However, holding a dual curved display in your hand isn’t especially comfortable. With smoother edges on the curved screen the risk of dropping the device is higher than with an ordinary display, and you’ll have to be extra careful of accidental touches on the curved areas even though Samsung has included some features to avoid unwarranted responses. Most important of all, with two thin curved edges the cost of the Galaxy S6 Edge is about $130 more than the Galaxy S6.


For smartphone enthusiasts, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will certainly give you a brand new experience, but for ordinary users the phones with similar prices may give you a better experience than the Galaxy S6 Edge.


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  1. BY Touko

    I think the curved part of the screen is going to collect scratches rather quick and it’ll look ugly.
    I also don’t see much point in it, you could put the same info bar and whatever on the edge of a flat screen.
    Gimmick with potential drawbacks is what I’d call it.
    Lack of MicroSD removes either S6 phone straight off my list.
    Lack of replaceable battery also has some severe drawbacks:
    1) after 2 years, you can’t get a new battery at the corner store for $30, you have to pay a Samsung service center $200 to put in another one for you.
    2) If you ever have any sort of trouble, be that water or some other odd thing, you can’t pull out the battery to save your phone. (lack of electricity renders water harmless to electronics, for example)
    3) You can’t store it with the battery removed and you can’t bring an extra battery for longer trips.


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