Which Parts of iPhone X and iPhone XS Are Exchangeable?

The iPhone XS can be thought of an upgraded version of the iPhone X, they have the same size and body design. But how about the parts inside the device? Are they aufblasbares zelt interchangeable? Let's discuss the most common changed screen, battery, and the front-facing camera.


iPhone X and iPhone XS


Is the screen interchangeable?


The most common repairs in the repair shop are broken screen replacements, so they care about whether the iPhone X and XS screens are interchangeable. Last year we compared the screens of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in “Difference Between iPhone 8 And iPhone 7 LCD Screen?”, now let us compare the iPhone XS and iPhone X screen replacement.


There is a test video on the YouTube, below is the test result.


Screen Boot up Touch 3D touch frame Board
iPhone X screen  Yes Yes No No iPhone XS Board
iPhone XS screen Yes Yes Yes No iPhone X Board


Is the battery interchangeable?


In the article "iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR Battery Comparison", we compared the iPhone X battery and iPhone XS battery, there are some differences between them. So, can these two batteries be replaced with each other? The following is the test result.


Battery Boot Up Board
iPhone X battery Yes iPhone XS Board
iPhone XS battery Yes iPhone X Board


Is the front-facing camera interchangeable?


The iPhone XS and iPhone X front-facing cameras are integrated with other parts, looks very same, so can they be interchanged? Please read on.


Front Camera Boot up camera Board
iPhone X camera Yes No iPhone XS Board
iPhone XS camera No No iPhone X Board




  1. The position of the metal bracket on the iPhone X and iPhone XS screen frame is different, the details can be shown as the picture below.


iPhone X and iPhone XS image compare 1


  1. The iPhone X and iPhone XS screens can be lit after being swapped. However, the iPhone X screen 3D Touch function is disabled when installing to the iPhone XS board, and the iPhone XS screen function can be fully worked on the iPhone X board.


  1. Although the iPhone X and iPhone XS batteries are slightly different, they are interchangeable.


  1. The front-facing camera of the iPhone X and iPhone XS is not interchangeable.


If you know of other interchangeable parts, please leave a message below.


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  1. BY Sadiq Sulaiman

    Hello what of the board panel that is the engine of iPhone xs. Is it interchangeable with the iPhone x?

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    I want to change iPhone X display to iPhone XS and back camera also can I change

  3. BY Kanish

    Can we swap iphone x into iphone xs did they have same housing pattern


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