iPhone Found to Be Most Vulnerable to Virus

The Latest news suggests that Apple’s iPhone is more “vulnerable” to attacks than Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. A study from SourceFire claims that most of mobile phone vulnerabilities have been discovered so far.   The company found 210 vulnerabilities in the iPhone, giving iOS an 81% share of known mobile phone vulnerabilities, while Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices combined to have a 19% market share. A senior research engineer Yves Younan at SourceFire’s Vulnerabilities Research Team and author of the report, told ZDNet that the results were “surprising.” He also said that it was also “interesting” as additional security features has been implement in new versions of iOS.   He explained that while Android may have the highest all mobiles’ market share, iPhones are still one of the most popular smartphones in the world and cybercriminals are motivated to find loopholes in the operating system. Younan noted that because Google’s platform is already open and vulnerable to third-party and malicious apps in its Google Play store, cybercriminals are less motivated to seek out software vulnerabilities. News from ZDNet


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