What is the use of iPhone Airplane Mode?

When it comes to flight mode, I believe everyone must be familiar with it, because we often ask before the plane takes off when we are in a movie or by ourselves. The impression of airplane mode may still be to cut off all communication signals, but in fact, it is far from that. Today Xiaoshan will talk about "What is the use of iPhone airplane mode?"

What is the use of iPhone Airplane Mode?


1. Reset the mobile network signal

People who often take high-speed trains and subways may often encounter this situation. When passing through a tunnel, the signal will be disconnected for a while, and after exiting the tunnel, it will take a while to connect to the signal. Sometimes it is even necessary to restart the phone. In fact, you can turn on the airplane mode Just turn it off after a few seconds. This short process is actually equivalent to restarting the phone once. When you turn on and off the airplane mode, the phone will search for network signals again, and the phone’s network speed will naturally return to the best. state.


2. Reduce power consumption

If your mobile phone power is less than 10%, but you want to read files or watch important mobile phone videos at this time, then the extra power consumption is useless. If you turn on "airplane mode" at this time, mobile phone signal search and Turning off the search function will save a lot of power and provide you with as much power as possible.


3. Do not disturb the game

This requires WIFI support. The most feared thing when playing games is that someone calls in, which will affect the game we are playing. If there is nothing important, we can actually turn on the airplane mode and then connect to WiFi to enter the game. , so you don't have to be disturbed by the phone.


4. Reduce mobile phone radiation

Many people like to play with mobile phones before going to bed. When they are sleepy, they will put the mobile phone next to the pillow. The radiation of the mobile phone will affect our brain and have a certain impact on the quality of our sleep. Before going to bed, we can turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone, and then turn it off when we wake up, which saves the waiting time required for switching on and off. Note: If there is something important the next day, it is best not to refer to The above is the entire content of mobile phone maintenance knowledge in this issue.


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