How To Fix iPhone 7/7P/8/8P Home Button Not Working Issue

Will you repair your iPhone 7/8 Home button broken? Repair it in the Genius Bar/Apple Store, it is expensive, repair it in the third-party repair shop, it will have no function. Now we ETrade Supply have a new product that can make your iPhone 7/8 Home button has return function.


As we all know that the Home button is a very important part of the iPhone. Although Apple removed the Home Button on iPhone X and later models in 2017, it is still very useful on iPhone models before iPhone X. Through the Home Button, we can use the Touch ID and return to the Home.


Difference between iPhone 7/8 Home Button and previous models


For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the Home button is different from the previous models, it can't be pressed to get the return function. So if the iPhone 7/8 Home button is broken, it will have no function.


For all iPhone models with the broken Home button, if you want to repair it and have the Touch ID, you can only repair it in the Genius Bar or Apple Store, but it is very expensive. So most of the people repair it in the third-party repair shop nearby.


For iPhone 6s and previous models, replace a new Home button in the repair shop, it will have the return function by press the button. But for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, it will have no function, the home button can’t be pressed.


How to make the iPhone 7/8 have return function through the Home button


To solve iPhone 7/8 Home button have no function issue after replacing it, we launched a new product “For Apple iPhone 7 Charging Port Flex Cable Ribbon with Home Button Replacement (With Back Function)”. With this charging port replacement part, we can have the back function on iPhone 7/8, it still doesn’t have the Touch ID. Also, with this part, the earphone will not work through the charging port.



Today, we have a new product to make the iPhone 7/8 Home Button have back function. This part does not affect other functions of the iPhone and it is very easy to install. Below is a guide about how to install it.


How to install Home Button with the back function on iPhone 7/8


iPhone home button with return function


Any questions about this product function and install, welcome to comment below.


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Watch the iPhone 8 Home button install and test video:


  1. BY T.H.

    So a new home button will only work with the installation of the cable located to the right of where the digitizer cable connects? An installation of a new home button by itself, with no cable, will not get the return function to happen?

    • BY kaye

      You get it.

  2. BY iPhone 6 plus

    Do you have this type of button for the iPhone 6plus.
    Took it in for a repair and the guy messed it up now I have no home button and no tough ID. Please help. Do the button work through Bluetooth and will it always work?

    • BY kaye

      We have new iPhone 6 Plus home button for supply. Just go to our website and search. We don’t think the home button work with the Bluetooth.


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