iPhone 6S Battery Leaked

French Media Nowhereelse.fr released a picture the other day, which revealed the long-rumored iPhone 6S' battery. In the picture, the label on the battery shows that it really is an iPhone battery, designed by Apple and made in China. However, the battery has a paltry capacity of 1715mAh, while the current iPhone 6 has 1810mAh volume. It doesn't seem to be compatible with the iPhone 6, so, the question becomes whether the battery is designed for the new generation iPhone or not? But how come it only has 1715mAh capacity.


There are two possible explanations. First, some people think the new generation of iPhone won't consume power as quickly as the iPhone 6. In other words, some people believe Apple has optimized their new gadgets so actual use time should be the same as the iPhone 6. We theorize the new generations of iPhone are getting a smaller battery because Apple is trying to make them even thinner.


The Second possible explanation is that this battery was not designed for the iPhone 6S but the iPhone 6C instead, which sports a lower spec configuration and also has been rumored for a long time. There have also been some pictures leaked to show that Apple plans to roll out an iPhone 6C. Compared with the iPhone 6, the purported gadget is different in some places. According to the leaked info, we can reasonably believe if the iPhone 6C rolls out, its battery will be different from the iPhone 6.


However, we won't know what is true until the new generation of iPhones come out. Some of Apple's suppliers have leaked pictures about the iPhone 6S, which looks almost exactly the same as the iPhone 6. Besides sporting the latest hardware and technology, the iPhone 6S will use a harder material for its rear housing to avoid bending. One of the most eye-catching points is that force touch will be available on the new device, which will bring a totally different experience to the phone. But on the other hand, rumors have said that Apple has canceled the release of the iPhone 6C because of the past performance of the iPhone 5C.


Anyways, the new generation of iPhones will start showing up in September. Follow us on Youtube Channel. We will bring you guys the first teardown of the gadget to show you what has been changed inside. Stay tuned and see.


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