Possible iPhone 6 Screen Leaked

It is still several months for the next-gen iPhone to come, but its rumors have been floating through the world. It is rumored that Apple will launch two new iPhone models this year with larger display screen than the current iPhone 5S’ 4-inch size. Recently, an image first leaked on a Chinese forum Weiphone shows that the purported touch panel of the iPhone 6 seems to be the same size as the current iPhone model. But the picture cannot be confirmed yet.

From the above image, we can easily recognize that the screen on the left has a display area of 3.5 inches, the middle one is of 4 inches. Although the right one has the same sized screen, it indicates a larger display area. If this image is true, Apple may have to completely cut off the side bezels and increase the screen size vertically as well. However, from the image we can feel that the placement of the home button is a little bit unnatural. So some people may not believe the realness of the leak. At the same time, it can be only a prototype screen for the iPhone 6.


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