iPhone 5S Reportedly Coming in June with “At Least” Two Screen Sizes

Vendors such as Samsung, LG and HTC offer a variety of smart phones with different screen sizes, but Apple has never felt the need to move into the large screen market. Even the company’s iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display is considered small by today’s standards. A new report suggests that Apple may finally be preparing to offer the iPhone 5S with multiple screen sizes, however, as it moves to counter increased competition from rivals. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets believes Apple is preparing to launch its next-generation iPhone in “at least” two, or “possibly three,” screen sizes this summer. Analysts also expect Apple to offer a low-cost iPhone this year, although he does not expect it to be priced below $300, noting that “those expecting a $150 to $200 iPhone will be disappointed.” The latest rumors suggest that Apple will announce the iPhone 5S with a faster processor, better camera and revamped version of iOS on June 20th. New From: BGR


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