iPhone 5S Parts Leaked Hinting an Updated Camera

For the last few weeks, the iPhone 5S’ release date has become a hot topic amongst all of the technological websites, some sites state that the next generation iPhone will be released in June or July, while others claims that the phone will come out in August. However, there is little information out there showing off the reported specs of the new iPhone. On Thursday, Japanese vendor Moumantai posted fresh photos of Apple’s next-generation iPhone motherboard. The photos showed that iPhone 5S will arrive with an updated camera, new shape and redesigned connectors. The following pictures are the comparisons between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 in terms of the motherboard.

If they are not real, it would not be the first time fake photos claiming to be components from an upcoming Apple product were released. Tech-news website DroidGator has previously leaked a batch of pictures of “the motherboard” of the next-generation iPhone 5S. The photos claim that the iPhone 5S will hit the market with an updated Apple A7 quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and Power SGX554MP4 GPU. However, another leak-site, Macrumor, strongly claims that these photos were faked. So we still don’t have the ability to tell if these fresh leaked photos are real or not, although iPhone 5S is expected to come with an upgraded processor and a new camera, but it seems that the only way to confirm this is when the phone is officially announced, and sadly we still do not know when that will be.

Source: Moumantai


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