iPhone 5S Will Come With 2GB RAM and A7 Quad-core Processor?

After the Apple iPhone 5 was released on September, 2012, it has gained large popularity in Smartphone field. Many Apple fans anticipate the upcoming iPhone 5S. According to previous rumors that the future iPhone 5S would come slimmer, while recent information provided by Droidgator showing a motherboard picture indicated iPhone 5S to Come with the same touch screen as 4.0 inches iPhone 5, 2GB RAM and A7 Quad-core Processor. This picture is leaked from Cupertino, California which Apple’s headquarters.

Apple is said to prepare a processor that seems to be made by themselves, called A7. From this picture, we may know this motherboard is almost the same as previous Apple model. The A7 processor is novel and features quad-core one, which will be more competitive with the Exynos 5 Octa CPU produced by Samsung Galaxy S4.

Droidgator also said the future iPhone 5 graphics processor is rumored to be of the Power SGX554MP4 GPU, iOS 7, the quad-core 1.2 GHz A7 CPU, Siri as the device’s virtual assistant, dual-channel 2 GB LPDDR-800 of RAM. It should be mentioned here, once again, that everything surrounding the specs above is a rumor, since the speed of the A7 chipset is not officially proven.

Due to the possible inclusion of more RAM, the user of the iPhone 5S will not trouble when they perform several tasks at the same time. If everything turns out to be true, the iPhone 5S will be able to have what the manufacturer’s current phone fails at: more power drive. So many forecasts it would be weak on iPhone 5 battery. Although there is still not any rumor on its battery, we hope Apple will not let us down.

Source: droidgator


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